The Disguiser 伪装者

The Disguiser (伪装者) is about youngest brother of a prominent Shanghai family getting recruited by Kuomintang Secret Services to sabotage Japanese-controlled Chinese government which he thought his elder brothers work for. Unbeknownst to him, his brothers are actually undercover agents for the same Kuomintang Secret Services AND double agents for the Communists who has been trying to recruit him by actively putting him through hell every chance they get. Lest not forget their big sister, a legitimate businesswoman and an underground communist sympathizer, whose handler is the youngest brother’s biological father who serves under her oldest younger brother and takes orders indirectly from her 2nd oldest younger brother.

I kid you not. The show is just that confusing. If y’all need to sit down for this, I’ll understand.

The DisguiserThe Disguiser

Regular person may experience anxiety and confusion with leading a double life. Trained spy may find exploiting their family and friends somewhat distasteful. Not Ming Lou, who is a chameleon of a man with a mind like Mycroft Holmes, moves like James Bond, demeanor like Zhuge Liang, and connections like Olivia Pope.

Jin Dong

Ming Lou can outsmart and outmaneuver everyone on the planet, except for one person out of love, respect and life-time of conditioning. Typical Pavlov’s Dogs syndrome

Ming Jing
All shall bow down, kneel down, and categorically show submission to big sister Ming Jing.

She holds the whip that incites terrors in the hearts of her brothers.
Ming Jing

Like all good brothers, he turns around and takes out his frustration on his younger brother.

When he takes it too far, the younger brother fights back with scissor move or three-way shoot out.
Jin Dong Hu Ge Wang Kai

He will then apologize right before he pours more salt on his brother’s wounds.
Jin Dong

He may even comfort his sister by telling her to “take it like a superwoman you are.”
Jin Dong

His motto: If you are in the game, you will get played. He has no qualm with putting his family in mortal dangers in order to crush his enemies.
Hu Ge

The man has a supernatural ability to think his way out of a crisis and talk his enemy into a death trap. Turn an honest man into a criminal and a criminal into a rebel. Trust him. He will sell you out and do it with grace, charm and great empathy.
Jin Dong

Hold on. Let me think.
Ming Lou The Disguiser

Ming Lou is portrayed by Jin Dong (靳东).
Birthdate: 1976-Dec-22
Height: 183cm
Weight: 72kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B
Family: Spouse/actress Li Jia (李佳)



One thought on “The Disguiser 伪装者

  1. zoeelisha November 11, 2016 / 2:16 am

    Oh yes, he has lots of subtle charm! ❤


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