Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 1

Bromance (愛上哥們) is about a woman who has been cross dressing as a man all her life because, according to a fortune teller, she will die (or other terrible fate) if she lives as a woman before she turned 26 years-old. Naturally, she meets her prince charming on the 99th day before her birthday. If she professes her love and he accepts, would that make him gay? And if he finds out she is not really a man, would he dump her like a hot potato? Ah, the dilemma…

Holy guacamole! How cliché can this show get? But don’t stop. I like where you are going with this.
Bromance Megan Lai

SETTV has a history of creating the most colorful side characters. Take for example, Pi Ya Nuo’s parents. Their lovey dovey behavior is bit embarrassing to watch and their superstitious belief hard to swallow. It’s one thing to get a C-section so your kid can be born under a luck star. It’s quite another to force your kid to change gender in order to avoid bad luck. Thank goodness their kid grew up to be so well-adjusted because, you know, things could get really ugly.

Colorful also describes Pi’s cousin, the beautiful she-devil constantly brainwashing Pi to do naughty things.

Then there is Du Zi Feng’s true bro, who looks out for Du when he is distracted by Pi’s awesome hair. Silent, brooding and suspicious of Pi’s intention.

Let not forget Du’s feisty mother and man-eating sister. When those two women team up, no one can escape their force field.


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