Nirvana In Fire 琅琊榜

Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜) is about a wrongfully accused man escaping execution. He changed his face and his identity in order to sneak into the capital to seek revenge against the Emperor who ordered his family’s deaths. He sent the crown prince packing, the runner-up to his death, and helped the Emperor’s least favorite son become the only viable heir. His deepest, darkest wish was to see the Emperor publicly humiliated and forever known as the petty, cruel and incompetent ruler that he was.

Nirvana In Fire 2Wang Kai

While the men go about scheming, killing, and doing other exciting stuffs, the women are relegated to the background doing wallflower activities. Jing Fei goes about her day making cakes and reading books. Occasionally, she cleans house (as in digging out the spies in her house). She seems like a summer breeze, but she is actually like a poison fog. She slowly blocks out the Emperor’s senses until he lost all connection to the outside world allowing her son to take over the power base. What a woman!

JIng Fei

Nirvana in Fire reeks tragedy. Yet, there was no pouring tears and running nose for me. And I’m an easy crier. The closest I got to watery eyes was the scenes with Jing Fei.

Lang Ya Bang

Jing Fei’s reunion with Lin Su was probably the most heart-breaking scene. Lin Su tries to hide behind his Mei Chang Su exterior, but she sees right through him. Jing Yan picks up the strange vibe but couldn’t figure out what’s going on between them.

Y’all go ahead and keep on pretending. I’ll be watching you two like a hawk.
Nirvana In Fire

Poor child, what happened to you? You are a dead man walking.
Nirvana In Fire

Oh, stop it, Mama Jing! Now you are making me cry.
Nirvana In Fire

Jing Fei is protrayed by Liu Min Tao (刘敏涛).
Profession: Actress
Birthdate: 1976-Jan
Height: 167cm

Liu Min TaoLiu Min Tao
Liu Min TaoLiu Min Tao


One thought on “Nirvana In Fire 琅琊榜

  1. Missy January 5, 2016 / 8:53 am

    Absolutely loved Liu Min Tao’s portrayal of Jing Fei! She’s probably my favourite female character from NiF 🙂


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