Song, why are you so sad?

I don’t know what it is about these songs that makes me feel so heartbroken every time I listen to them. Even now, after hearing them gazillion times, I still get all chocked up. You know, the tingling tightness in your chest that is not caused by a heart burn.

Number one on my list is Terry Lin’s interpretation of “Fade Away” (林志炫 – 煙花易冷). Jay Chou may have wrote the song, but it takes a talent like Terry to give it life! Music starts at 0:18.
♪Some one told me you remained single.♪

If you want a woman’s perspective, look no farther than Liu Tao’s “Faded Beauty” (刘涛 – 红颜旧)
♪We endured the time we were apart. Now, we must endure another separation.♪

Aska Yang’s “I Want To Tell You” (楊宗緯 – 想對你說) is also high up on my list. The sniffling factor gets an extra boost from being associated with drama “A Good Wife.”
♪Hate may seem impenetrable, but if you are willing to have me, we can get over it together.♪

Jason Wang’s “I Want You To Be Happy” (王識賢 – 希望妳開心) is another song on a man seeing the woman he loves in emotional pain. This time, he is the reason why.
♪Loving you is to see you happy. It is never to isolate you.♪

Things get really heartbreaking with Biung Wang’s “You Say You are Not Happy” (王宏恩 – 你說你不快樂). Apparently, love does not conquer all.
♪You say you are not happy. You say you don’t want to give up. But in the end, we still let go of happiness.♪


One thought on “Song, why are you so sad?

  1. dramalamb October 30, 2016 / 8:46 am

    These songs sure tug at the heart-strings! You’ve just introduced me to so many new artists 🙂 i only knew of Liu Tao’s “Faded Beauty” prior.

    Tbh, I like listening to sad songs… something about the feeling that it evokes. It’s okay when they aren’t linked to actual painful memories that could make me upset. Don’t get too bogged down, Kumaxell 😮 When you said that you “get choked up”, it reminded me of Jiang Yi Yan crying whilst listening to Karen Mok’s “Suddenly”:


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