Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 2

It’s all sort of wrong. Yet, I can’t help but being engrossed in the wrongness of it all. I’m talking about Pi Yanuo vs Du Zihan vs Du Zifeng. Bromance is messing with my understanding of sexual orientation.

Here are the facts:
1. Pi Yanuo is a woman.
2. She tells Du Zihan, “We will have no future together because I love men.”
3. Her parents echo the sentiment.
4. She proceeds to get up close and personal with Du Zifeng.

Now here are the twisted parts:
1. The Du siblings believe Pi Yanuo is a man.
2. Yanuo’s parents act ashamed for admitting that their daughter loves men.

Conclusion: Is Yanuo a woman who loves men, therefore straight? Or, is Yanuo a gay because she identifies herself as a man? I am so confused.

BromanceMegan Lai Mandy Tao

I fault no woman for going after her heart’s desire. If Du Zihan wants to shout her love for someone she barely knows from the top of Taipei 101 with a microphone, I’ll say, “Good for you, girl!” Even if that love is not reciprocated, she will take it with grace and unyielding determination.
Megan Lai Mandy Tao

It is, nonetheless, awkward when the one she fancies doesn’t even like her species, let alone her. It is even more awkward when the species Yanuo does like is sitting right next to her. (But I’m not sure who feels more awkward in this situation.)
Megan Lai Baron Chen Mandy Tao

Du Zifeng, on the other hand, is a reserve man, one who doesn’t wear his love on his sleeves. If he hadn’t known Yanuo as bro first, he would never have given the woman Yanuo a second glance. A polite smile is all you gonna get.
Megan Lai Baron Chen

When he recognizes the woman is the dress-wearing Yanuo, his whole demeanor changes. “Holy guacamole, you look hot as a woman!”
Megan Lai Baron Chen

“Bro, I could love you in the most heterosexual way…” Sheesh, you gonna give a girl a heart attack.

I need to add this one here because it’s so damn funny. Yanuo who thought she was in private hotspring was in fact in a public hotspring for men. While trying to get out without attracting too much attention from her pals, her towel got snagged by a tree branch. Chu Zerui sensing her trouble immediately ran interference by splashing hot water on Du Zifeng and Wei Qingyang. Hence, you get Zifeng’s death glare.

Just in case you don’t know the meaning of “bromance,” here is a song that will explain everything you need to know.


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