Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 3

In part 3 of Zhong Ji Series, the good folks from different dimensions got fed up with Mojie’s attacks and decided to take the fight to the big evil’s home world. Their best fighters packed up their bags and left for war. And… never to be heard from again. As for the people who stayed behind, they were trapped in a time bubble with their abilities greatly diminished and their aging slowed.

Zhong Ji Series

The X-Dormitory (終極X宿舍)
It was at this point in time, I was reacquainted with Xia Tian’s family, or what’s left of it. His mother Xia Xiong sold her trucks to finance a hostel where she sheltered younger generation of special ability kids who barely remembered a time when their powers could turn the world over on its side. Their lives were fraught with day-to-day perils of money, school, interpersonal relationships, and being spied on by an agency targeting their kind. Of course, there was also the unspoken fear for their missing love ones’ fate. When Xiu returned from Mojie with a mission to penetrate the time bubble and bring back the fighters, the tenants of the X-dormitory did everything they could to help him succeed. Sadly, not everyone from the battlefront came back alive.

The X-Dormitory The X-Dormitory

Angel ‘N’ Devil (終極惡女)
Many, many years after the great war between good vs evil, in a dimension far far away, a group of high school girls was fighting devils in human skin. When in class, they appeared like any other high school girls. But when duty called, they changed into their skimpy outfits to go demon hunting. They might not be up to snuff to defeat high level demons that were able to pass off as regular humans, but they were more than enough to exorcise low level demons from their human hosts. The girls’ evil fighting abilities got a power boost from a contract they signed with their pimp caretaker in which they swore to protect the innocents with their lives. In exchange for their commitment, he granted them each a wish: Be it the ability to walk again or to make a fear go away.

img1450646427145.jpgAngel N Devil

But not everyone thought the girls were on the side of good. One demon hunter certainly thought the caretaker seemed mighty suspicious for collecting the demon seeds.
Angel N Devil Luo Hong Zheng Teddy Chen

Minds exploded when they discovered their caretaker was controlled by an exiled demon royalty. To de-demonize the caretaker, the special ability folks and rival demon royalties joined forces to defeat the big evil (or in this case, the eviler demon).
Angel N Devil


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