Go Princess Go 太子妃升职记 Part 1

Go Princess Go (太子妃升职记) is a comedy about a modern day womanizer who got kicked in the head and woke up in the body of a woman. Specifically, he is in the body of Crown Princess Zhang Peng Peng, who was having marital trouble with her cheating husband, Crown Prince Qi Sheng. At first, s/he had difficulty accepting the sudden gender change and kept up his/er womanizing ways. Later on, s/he accepted that s/he would probably stay as a woman for the rest of his/er life and began to think really hard about his/er future. S/he came to the conclusion that being a Crown Princess sucked. If prince gets sacked, she gets beheaded with him. If he manages to become the Emperor and decides that he doesn’t like her as the Empress, she goes too. The only course of safety is to become the Empress Dowager. So s/he uses his/er understanding of men to seduce the prince while s/he plots for his demise.

Go Princess Go

This drama has no shame. It has dumped decency into the ocean and bid it farewell. It lures us in with sex, slaps us with comedy, then rips our hearts out with romance. So watch it at your own risk.
Go Princess Go
Go Princess Go

This drama is definitely a guilty pleasure. I can’t get through a scene without rolling my eyes or laughing like hyena.

Good grief, the legs! I know they are very muscular, but must I see them?
Go Princess Go

And the overexposed upper body! Can someone get that woman a shawl?

Hold the waist or grab the leg, there are all the same to me.
Go Princess Go Go Princess Go


One thought on “Go Princess Go 太子妃升职记 Part 1

  1. Valerie January 10, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    Love your posts about this hilariously weird drama, keep them coming!


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