Go Princess Go 太子妃升职记 Part 2

I have a type. I realize that now. I like my comedy to: 1) be dominated by pretty people; 2) have them do embarrassing stuffs; 3) and not afraid of stereotypes. Go Princess Go is known for its miniscule production budget (hence the lack of clothing fabrics to cover the chest and the legs), but with a giant wind machine, an artistic director at the helm and good-looking actors with serious comedic chops, it never did fall into the cheap and cheesy category. (Well, maybe a little. But it is good cheesy.)

Yu Meng Long
Why are you glaring? What did I do?
Zhang Tian Ai
He is standing behind me, isn’t he?
Sheng Yi Lun

Jealousy manifests in many ways. Drinking competition is the only way to show who is “the man.”
Go Princess Go

On the other hand, crying game is a must for any “real woman.”
Go Princess Go

Back when s/he thought s/he could still change back to a man, Zhang tried to seduce his/er handmaiden with a dance.

S/he seduced the prince, now the emperor, with the same moves.

Jiu Wang, heartbroken over Zhang’s royal seduction, recreates the dance with his loyal sidekick.

There are many OTP in this show. My favorite is Zhang Peng Peng and Yang Yan.
Go Princess GoGo Princess Go
Zhang calls Yang the “jet fighter of idiots.”

Go Princess Go
Yang is like an adorable younger brother you never wanted but decided to keep around for entertainment value. When you kick him in the butt, he will have the most outrageous reaction that no self respecting girl would replicate. Zhang and Yan’s relationship is a tat complicated. First, they are confidant in the prince cheating gate, then they become allies plotting against the prince. Second, Yang is Zhang’s adoring fan. He adores her so much he married her younger cousin. Obviously because Zhang is taken. Lastly, they are love rivals(?). Jiu Wang is in love with Zhang (confirmed) and Yang is in love with Jiu (speculation).

Go Princess Go cast
A pretty cast, no?


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