Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 4

There is nothing like a real family reunion to wash away the nasty taste left behind by the fake sister incident. And like any real reunion, there are resentments, tears, and joy. One family is well on its way to a happy ending. Another may expect a river of tears.

Bromance Bromance

If Du Zifeng expected his father would hold his hand and sing “Kumbaya,” their reunion must be a major letdown. He doesn’t even get curt nod with “hey, son.” His amnesia father flat out refuses to “go home” to total strangers or resume his role as bigger-than-life protector for his family. Zifeng is so upset by the development, he actually cried. However, he persisted despite the disappointing start. He visits his old man regularly to fish, to eat, to drink, to just hang out. Hoping one day his father will be comfortable enough with “having a family” that he would want to come home to them.

Yang Nana has no such problem. Her father wants to know her, to do things for her, to make her happy. Unfortunately, she is not in a receptive mode. She tries her very best to be cold and distant, for her poor dead mom’s sake. But being an entitled b*tch is not her nature. She eventually softens to his warm gestures. They even share a laugh about her ankle sprain.
Bromance Bromance

Things are looking up for the Du family. While daddy is not quite ready for the family hug, he promises to make every effort to dig up his memory of them. That’s all they can ask for right now.

Nana’s situation, on the other hand, is rather bittersweet, more bitter than sweet. Turns out her minor ankle sprain is not so minor. Her cancer is back. While she is quite zen about the news, her father has a total meltdown. He terribly wants to get out of the hospital (the sooner he can get away from those crackpot doctors the better), but for the life of him, he couldn’t find the exit. He finally stops running up and down the same hallway when Nana yells, “Dad, calm down.”

He tries to put on a brave face. But no parent should have to bury their child. Especially when they have just gotten to know each other.


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