Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 5

Pi Yanuo lies about her gender. Chu Zerui maintains her lie. Du Zifeng pretends he doesn’t know they are lying. Love makes them liars. Therefore, I am so happy when Bromance finally moves toward honesty (or at least their attempt at being honest.)

Bromance Megan Lai Baron Chen

Let’s start with something mild. Yang Nana has been doing the girlfriend possessive thing for a while under the guise of “we are family.” I thought Wei Qingyang would just go along with it until one day he realizes she has taken over his life. At such point, they would naturally become a couple. I am pleasantly surprised when Nana laid her feelings out in the open. The ball is now in his court.

Yes, I like you, dumb ass. I thought I was being pretty obvious.
Bromance Bii Katie Chen Bromance Bii Katie Chen

Compare to Nana’s adorable confession, I personally love Zerui’s explosive “we are all selfish” response. Zerui gives voice to all those poor second leads who are expected to unconditionally support the girl and always be the good guy. Well, that ain’t him. Let the fall out begin.

You are selfish, too! You took my help for granted while refusing to see that I love you.
Bromance Lee Shiau Shiang Megan Lai Bromance Lee Shiau Shiang

I’m sure Yanuo is shell shocked to learn that she has been a terrible person. Then again, Zerui shouldn’t have pampered her the way he did.
Bromance Megan Lai Bromance Lee Shiau Shiang Megan Lai

I absolutely believe Zifeng knew about Yanuo’s secret and kept mum about it. He has been very touchy-feely with her since episode 9. I think he is waiting for her to come clean so they can live happily ever after. While he maybe a bit disappointed that she is not telling, I, on the other hand, have a whole new respect for her integrity. Just because she is stupid drunk, just because she loves him, just because he asks are no excuse for her to let the cat out of the bag. After all, many people were hurt protecting her secret. It is her DUTY to keep it safe until which time she can proudly reveal it to the world.

I have an earth shattering secret. I can’t tell you right now. But when I do, can you not be mad at me? I will be very sad if you do.
Bromance Megan Lai Bromance Baron Chen

It feels good to have a get-out-of-the-jail-free card.
Bromance Megan Lai Baron Chen


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