Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 8

The secret is out! It only took 18 episodes, but we are finally here. At last, a happy ending for Bromance. Kiss, kiss. Hug, hug.


Our favorite cousin Jing came home specifically for this happy occasion. It’s not just to celebrate Pi Yanuo’s 26th birthday, she is home to attend THE birthday.

Some friends need more time to adjust to Yanuo’s transformation than others.

Since everybody and their dogs got their chance to comment on the new Yanuo, it’s about time for Du Zifeng to get his chance. Well, as I have guessed it, he knew her secret. Wahaha!

Traditional wedding photo.

Bromance wedding photo.

I’m only guessing here. Zifeng and Yanuo’s honeymoon can get a little animalistic.
Hold on, love, let me get the hotel key out.

Let’s not forget about Qingyang and Nana. I’m glad the show addressed the issue that’s been bugging me since they started dating. Did he accept her love because he feels the same way? Or, did he do it for his uncle?


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