Chronicle of Life 寂寞空庭春欲晚 Part 2

Huo Zun’s “Xi Chun Ci” (霍尊 – 惜春词) is stuck in my head. I hum it all the time while doing anything that doesn’t require Mark-Watney-creating-water-level concentration. The song is taking over my life!

I hope some talented person out there would make an awesomely tear-jerking Chronicle of Life MV with this song ‘cuz the lyrics reflects perfectly the inner turmoil of the major characters, not to mention the melody is insanely addictive.

Chronicle of Life
Sigh… I’m still picking up the pieces of my heart off the floor.

Rongruo and Emperor were clearly BFF from the start. And I meant since they were little kids. They exercised together, fought together, hot tub together. They were essentially parabatai without the Shadowhunter rune. Then, Linlang came along breaking up their awesome partnership. Last time I checked, harboring a fugitive is a crime. Along with lying to your friend about your relationship to the woman your friend fancies. I don’t know how Rongruo could look the emperor in the eyes knowing that he was guilty on both counts.

Chronicle of Life

The emperor, magnanimous beyond humanly possible, forgave the lies, the rejections, and the knife to his heart. It might have taken some scuffling and soul searching to get him there, but once he decided to pardon those two, he really didn’t hold back on what to forgive.

Chronicle of Life Chronicle of Life

Take for an example “The Cuijun Incident.”

If I had harbored any hope that Linlang would put her family tragedy behind her and live happily ever after with Rongruo, Cuijun crushed it. Cuijun, her best friend, was sentenced to death for roofie-ing Rongruo, her ex-boyfriend. Linlang being Linlang, tried to save Cuijun despite what she did. The length she was willing to go to save Cuijun was borderline treason. (One does NOT emotional blackmail an Emperor.)

Chronicle of Life Chronicle of Life Rongruo

Rongruo, a saint wannabe, did the unthinkable: He asked the emperor to betroth Cuijun to him. The emperor granted the request. The marriage proposal saved both women from certain death: Cuijun by execution and Linlang by pneumonia. It also marked an end of RongLin era.

Chronicle of Life
I think the emperor is whole lot relieved that he didn’t have to get on Linlang’s bad side and not just a little happy that his major rival is out of the picture for good.

I don’t have ill feelings toward Cuijun. I might have had minor urges to smack her silly for barging into Rongruo’s room in the middle of night, which any person with a brain would know it is against palace regulation, and causing a scandal SO BIG not even the Emperor could cover up. If Linlang and Rongruo can forgive her so can I.

Chronicle of Life

What I found amazing is Cuijun’s transformation. She stole Linlang’s boyfriend then turned around saying Linlang would be betraying their friendship if Linlang ever think of Rongruo in any way. Wow, the gall of that woman!

Chronicle of Life


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