With You 最好的我们

With You (最好的我们) is a lighthearted drama about two high school freshmen who sat next to each other and the things that happened in their class. It’s like watching puppies play together. Every episode leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

With You Liu Hao Ran

Can you remember a time when you thought you were totally screwed then a classmate, who you thought was an insufferable douchebag, came along and saved your sorry behind? After getting to know him/her, you guys became best buddies joined at the hip. This drama reminded me of those days. Having a friend is great. But having a seatmate who got your back is better.

The first time Geng Geng and Yu Huai met was a bit awkward. Geng Geng’s head got stuck between two bars while trying to get to her precious camera. Her situation improved when Yu Huai’s basketball smashed right into her. Tho’ embarrassing, it brought help. But the girl’s feeling was hurt when the guy made fun of her big head. She was thankful but peeved at this stranger.

With You With You

The second time he saved her was when the teacher caught her setting fire to the school. No, she was NOT a pyromania. She was trying to put out the cooking fire but somehow she made it bigger instead. Yu Huai confessed that he had started the fire (which was true) and took full responsibility for the mishap. Naturally, the teacher punished them both and they spent the night cleaning the storage room. At least, she wasn’t in that scary, dusty room working to the bones by herself. Yu Huai turned out to be a decent guy who liked making fun of her.
Zui Hao De Wo Men Tan Song Yun

The next time was during seating assignment. Geng Geng came dead last on an initial assessment and was banished to Siberia. What I mean is, she was assigned to the last row based on her test score. In an elite school like theirs, sitting in the last row meant you were so stupid teacher didn’t even want to look at you. Wow, talk about passive aggressiveness! Yu Huai stood up and challenged the school’s seating tradition. A duel between teacher vs students followed: Teacher win, students who support the reform will stand during class for a week. Student win, they can sit where ever they want without the hurtful label. Yu Huai won the last game and moved next to Geng Geng.
With You With You

Parent-teacher conference day came too soon. Geng Geng’s stepbrother described the situation perfectly, bless his little heart, “It’ll be too cruel of a life… for your parents.” Bad grade, setting school on fire, potential suspect in the cheating gate… Girl, you are a shame to your ancestors! Situation was not much better on Yu Huai’s side. His mother was a monster parent who thought all girls were bad influence on her son. So it was not a happy day when mommy dearest discovered that his seatmate was a girl and with bad grades. Oh, the nasty insinuations she made. The situation was slightly less heavy when the teacher responded, “But Geng Geng is not really a girl…” So, what is she then?
With You Zui Hao De Wo Men

Everyone had to face the music during PTC, but not Jiang Nian Nian. She hired an actor to attend so her parents wouldn’t find out she had accidentally stole the test paper and inadvertently caused the cheating gate. When the teacher busted her ruse and demanded to speak to her real parents, she broke down and cried. I remember that face. I had that face couple times when growing up. It’s the “I know I’m soooo wrong and I’m reeeally sorry but can you not punish me?” face.
With You With You

As good as they were, there bound to be fights. Yu Huai would be upset over Geng Geng acting like she was too busy for him. Feeling jilted, he shut down and act nonchalantly. Geng Geng would get annoyed by Yu Huai’s sarcasm and silent treatment. And the cycle would continue until someone or something break their cold war.
Zui Hao De Wo Men Zui Hao De Wo Men

Remember, you can be mad at your friend but never alienate your seatmate. You would need them to help you out when teacher suddenly calls on you while you are dozing off.
With You With You


4 thoughts on “With You 最好的我们

  1. quietmellow May 20, 2018 / 2:40 am

    I love this review but you totally left out my boy Liu Xing He!!! I am totally getting second male lead syndrome even thought I’m halfway through the season. What is your opinion on his and the leas’s relationship?


    • quietmellow May 20, 2018 / 6:19 pm

      what was your opinion on the ending as well?


  2. quietmellow May 20, 2018 / 2:41 am

    also i would love it if you would consider dong a part two?


    • kumaxell May 21, 2018 / 8:48 am

      I don’t think I would do a part 2 for this drama. I have zero feeling for Liu Xin He because I’m firmly on the OTP camp thru and thru.


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