Vampire Detective 뱀파이어 탐정

Vampire Detective (뱀파이어 탐정) is about a guy who was injected with questionable blood that cured all his physical ailments. He and his partner (uhm, big brother/former police coworker?) are the only employees in a not-too-profitable private eye agency until a very blond client/hacker/thief joins their scooby doo team to take on strange and sometimes dangerous cases that police doesn’t handle.

Case 6: The girl I killed is almost a whodunnit mystery except that it resonates mostly on emotional level. The big reveal is less of an “I knew it!” moment and more of a “how could you?” I like many things about this episode, from the tone to the cinematography to the case dissection. I especially love how they connect past to present and manage to increase the emotional intensity in both timeline.

Oh Jung Se
Truth hurts. So why do we insist on knowing it?

Our stylishly charming mother hen, Yong Goo Hyung, is uncharacteristic somber. This worries baby chick, Yoon San. After some probing, we found out that Goo Hyung is invited, yet again, to a star-gazing club reunion that he has no intention of attending. Or, so he says. For no particular reason, he is staring into an old photograph and reminiscing of a beautiful girl from his high school days.
Lee Joon Oh Jung Se

Enter a girl. Sorry, not that girl but she is a classmate. She brings tiding and a favor to ask. Apparently, this will be their last reunion at their high school. She vaguely hints that it will be a good chance to clear their lingering doubts.
Vampire Detective Vampire Detective

Her requests leaves Goo Hyung in a worse mood than before. Which calls for alcohol stupor. After downing a couple drinks, he seems ready to get something off his chest. Actually, no, he is not that drunk yet.
Vampire Detective Vampire Detective

But, he is ready to confront whatever that has kept him away for so many years. It’s funny that Han Gyeo Wool looks like a puppy out of cage while Goo Hyung looks like someone died. Never mind that it’s odd to bring co-workers to a class reunion. Unless Goo Hyung knows something is going down tonight and he will need all the help he can get.
Vampire Detective Vampire Detective

Blast from the past! Everyone seems ecstatic to see him. Or do they? And where is that pretty girl?
Vampire Detective
Vampire Detective

The happy atmosphere is a bit more than Goo Hyung can handle. Sitting on a school bench under a night sky, Goo Hyung finally tells San what’s been eating into him. As it turned out, the girl died on a night like tonight 20 years ago and everyone in that room said it was a suicide. He had doubts but he was too cowardly to go against the group. Even after he became a police, he still didn’t have the courage to learn the truth.
Vampire Detective Vampire Detective

If conscience didn’t loosen the classmates’ lips then the detectives need to find another way to get everyone talking. Say, a game of Dare. The same one they played on the night of the girl’s death. The suggestion unsettles everyone, which is exactly its purpose. After a few fun rounds, the classmates start to loosen up. But the moment is short-lived when the Dare they all dreaded comes up: “Number 3 kills Number 5.”
Vampire Detective

Apparently, they were super drunk that night. They were in and out of the room doing all kinds of dares. Then one of them ordered Number 3 to kill Number 5. Few minutes later, the girl fell off the roof with the number 5 card in her pocket. So the question on everybody’s mind: If she didn’t commit suicide, was she killed by number 3? Who was number 3?
Vampire Detective

Rounds of recriminations, denials, confessions followed. Layer by layer their friendship begins to crack. Their fingers eventually pointed to Goo Hyung who left school immediately after the girl’s death. He must’ve killed her, they thought. Yoon San is on the sideline watching all these go down. From their reactions, he figures out what really happened that night. The question to this episode isn’t so much as who killed the girl but why no one questioned her tragic death. The answer is so pathetic that it hurts to know the truth.
Vampire Detective


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