KO ONE: RE-MEMBER 終極一班4 Part 1

The story of KO ONE: RE-MEMBER (終極一班4) picks up where The X-Dormitory (終極X宿舍) left off. Xiu is escorting King back to the Gold dimension while Wang Da Dong remains in the Silver dimension. Zhong Wang Jun is still missing. Hua Ling Long is in the military. Yan Li Li has transferred to another school. Gu Zhan is dueling with Zhi Ge for the leadership spot. Jin Bao San has two new lackeys. What’s His Name’s hair is now blond. Qiu Qiu is the same as before. And now you are all caught up.


One of the reasons I keep coming back to the Zhong Ji series is their unapologetic attitude toward the shallowness of their shows. They unabashedly poke fun of their over the top, eye-rolling, fist banging on table absurdity. I also enjoy the occasional moments when they break the fourth wall (actually, I only like it when Na Wei Xun does it). So in RE-MEMBER, as in their proud tradition, the characters complained about the show’s overused gimmicks: The sleeping beauty routine. What’s His Name’s disappearing act. Jin Bao San’s obnoxious commentaries. And, of course, the pooping flying cow. To wrap up the self-dissing, they made fun of the cast for being so incredibly old (with average age of around 31 for a show about a group of high school students).


I had worried that co-producing RE-MEMBER with Chinese network would dilute its “Zhong Ji flavor” (which is distinctly Taiwanese), and the first two episodes on Youku only increased my anxiety. It feels off-kilter and not to mention awkward. First, the accents. The dialogs are just not as funny when spoken with a Chinese accent. Then there is the delivery. Not the most terrible in the Zhong Ji history (the dishonor goes to Zhong Wan Jun in KO One Return) but it’s like watching live action Sailor Moon; They are trying too hard.


Then I re-watched the episodes on GTV. It has the same people, same scenes, same accents, same deliveries but with traditional Chinese captions. Yet the show seems funnier, somehow. I wondered why? Since it has always taken me awhile to get in the groove of Zhong Ji series, I will give RE-MEMBER a few more episode to prove itself to be just as funny if not funnier than their counterparts. And I hope the show will offer a proper explanation on why the new comers have a different accent. Exchange students from the land beyond? Or better yet, agents from the big evil’s home world?


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