Remembering Lichuan 遇见王沥川 Part 3

Remembering Lichuan is like a guide on how not to breakup.

Remembering Lichuan

1. Breakup always requires a reason.
If there is none, make up one. Things like, “I don’t feel the same way for you like I once did” or “the way your squeeze the toothpaste drives me nuts,” should suffice.

2. There is no such thing as staying friends.
Either I’m your honey-pie or I’m not. Exception is made for longtime friends, who after hooking up, realize they are much better as friends.

3. Don’t act like you are responsible for my future.
Just go. Leave. Disappear. Drop off the face of the earth. Clearly you don’t want to be in my future, so get lost.

4. Don’t be the other man/woman.
It’s bad enough as it is for current bf/gf to compete with your cat. Don’t make it any harder on them.

5. Breakup gift is hush money.
No matter how you wrap this one, it screams, “Gold-digger, we were never truly in love, so take the money and go.”

I would roll my eyes if other dramas do the “He loves me, I don’t care what he says, I know he loves me, I will believe what I know is true” routine. But when Xiaoqiu does it, the behavior doesn’t seem as insane.

Xiaoqiu can’t move on because Lichuan didn’t gave her a proper breakup reason. She begs Lichuan to tell her the truth so she can have closure and be fine if they were to never see each other again. Lichuan, instead of making up some random excuses, says something that is exponentially more hurtful. The nuclear of post-breakup speech.

Lichuan: Please give up. If only for me. Maybe I had said something to you or did something for you that made you mistakenly think I still love you. Yes, I still like you. I’ll never treat you like you are a stranger. Because we were in love once.

With that, Xiaoqiu goes off the deep end and tears apart Lichuan’s passport so he can’t return to Zurich.

Remembering Lichuan
Lichuan: Xiaoqiu, tell me what you want me to do?
Xiaoqiu: Stay!
Lichuan: No.

Without a passport, Lichuan is forced to stay in China awhile longer. (All part of his evil plan. Wahahaha!) During this time, he witnesses Xiaoqiu’s diehard alcohol dependency and is worried sick for her (maybe not the best analogy). The super drunk Xiaoqiu is different from regular drunk Xiaoqiu. The super drunk Xiaoqiu behaves like the way she did when they were dating. All smiling and adorably cute. Sadly, this is about the only time Lichuan can show his true feelings. Be it exasperation or concern for her.

Remembering Lichuan
Xiaoqiu: Give me your ear.

Or struggle over whether to reciprocate her skinship.

Remembering Lichuan
Lichuan OS: I want to hug her back. But I mustn’t. Then again, she is so drunk she can’t even stand upright. So this is not really a hug. I’m just holding her up. Yep, let’s go with that one.

Because when she is sober, he returns back to his friendly “I care about you but not in the way you want” self.
Remembering Lichuan Remembering Lichuan


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