Zai Jian Wang Lichuan 再见王沥川

Here I am, trying to get over my Lichuan obsession. There they are, announcing they will be filming a sequel for Remembering Lichuan end of this year and airing the show on Valentine’s Day 2017. Sigh…

According to the producer, it will have the same cast but with a brand new story. She wouldn’t tell whether it will be a tearjerker or a romantic comedy. I am hoping it’s the latter because I need some major cuteness to balance out the river of tears I had shed for this drama. She also didn’t mention whether it will be a full length drama or an one-episode special. Again I’m betting it’s the latter because it is based on a bonus story.


On top of that news, Remembering Lichuan has been made into a stage play with Godfrey Gao reprising his role as Lichuan.

The Chinese title for the sequel can be interpreted in 2 ways:
1. Goodbye Lichuan
2. Seeing Lichuan Again
Not knowing which is the correct interpretation, I will leave name as hanyu pinyin.

Update 09/14/2017: Filming of web drama Zai Jian Wang Lichuan began in 06/2017. Except for Godfrey, everybody else has been replaced, including the director.


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