Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 5

Rumor has it (Mico Production posted a recruitment listing on Weibo), a sequel to K.O.3an Guo (終極三國) is in the works. Though I had an inkling of it while watching KO ONE RE-MEMBER, the rumor still got my blood boiling. Why are you doing this, Mico Production? You got 12 dimensions to choose from! Why do you have to ruin K.O.3an Guo with a reboot? Why?!

Major KO ONE-REMEMBER spoiler involved in my next comment

When the show revealed Xiao Ci as the real Sun Shang Xiang from K.O.3an Guo and Zhi choosing to join the interdimensional guard to stay with her, I knew the production team is laying the groundwork for a sequel. While I thought the pairing was cute and their interdimensional relationship worth exploring, I don’t want K.O.3an Guo to fall into the same trap as King-Dadong pairing in KO One Re-Act. Their relationship in KO One Return was sweet. In KO One Re-Act , it was disgustingly sweet and totally ruined King’s character. I prefer my girls in Zhong Ji series to be strong and feisty. I also prefer the series to focus on brotherhood/sisterhood with a splash of love-dovey, and not vice-versa. And lastly, I prefer to explore new dimensions as opposed to going back to existing ones. Angel N’ Devil is an example of that. It was the best I had seen after many years of Zhong Ji series. It reminded me of how I felt when I first watched the series: Fresh, quirky, and super fun.


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