Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 法医秦明 Part 1

If you think Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (法医秦明) is too grisly for you, fear not, Chinese censorship has strike again. The almighty-CC has blurred out or entirely cut out all the gross out scenes for your delicate sensibility. You can go ahead and eat that chicken feet or that beef stew without vomiting all over yourself while watching this show. Just skip to episode 5 and you will be fine. (Unless you are watching it on Viki, which I am happy to report, has the uncensored version.)

Dr Qin Medical Examiner

While I was disappointed I couldn’t see most of the forensic markings they were referring to on the bodies, I thoroughly enjoyed the team’s witty interactions. With jokester Lin Tao, gourmand Li Dabao, and anal-retentive Qin Ming, there is never a dull moment. Their chemistry is awesome!

Jiao Jun Yan Li Xian Zhang Ruo Yun

Between the autopsies, the fieldwork, the interrogations, the breakfast/lunch/dinner, they try to debunk a few urban legends with scientific facts. I don’t know how accurate the facts are, but since the original story is written by a real medical examiner, it should be mostly true?

Thank you, drama, for explaining why a tiny syringe filled with air is not going to make a grown man’s heart stop. Thank you for showing us the difference between a man and a woman’s bone under a microscope. And finally, thank you for explaining the floating fire in the Chinese ghost stories (because now, I can be truly afraid and piss in my pants.)

How would you like your fried pelvis? Crispy or extra crispy? And would you like the whole body or just the head?
Dr Qin Medical Examiner Dr Qin Medical Examiner

That will be the last graphic scenes in this post because the almighty-CC is not letting us see anymore than that.
Dr Qin Medical Examiner Dr Qin Medical Examiner

We see Dabao holding autopsy saw but we don’t see her actually sawing open the man’s skull.
Dr Qin E12 Dr Qin E12

Which is fine. I rather see Dabao punch her irritating boss anyway.
Dr Qin Medical Examiner


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