Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 法医秦明 Part 2

Fear not. There is no graphic pictures in this post.

First case requires our team to go down the sewage looking for missing body parts. Li Dabao, being the newbie assistant, volunteers to go first. We would think Dr. Qin is stopping her because she is a gentle woman and the men should check out the landscape first. Nope. He is stopping her because she forgot to get the forensic kit. He pulls the same stunt when she takes the initiative to examine the evidence under the magnifying glass.

Dr Qin Medical Examiner Dr Qin Medical Examiner

At this point, she knows he is yanking her chain. So, she stealthily pulls the chair away from under him. She is not being passive-aggressive at all.
Dr Qin Medical Examiner

Pesky boss lashes out again when he tells her to leave the room because her breathing is interfering with his thought process. She takes a stand on her breathing issue by blowing her nose really, really loud.
Li Da Bao Qin Ming

When Dr. Qin kicks Dabao out of the autopsy room for a second time, she reacts by tearing off her lab coat and walking out the room like she owns the place. Quietness is SO overrated.

It takes some time for the team to find their working rhythm but they do eventually. Lin Tao even comments on how much Dabao is starting to resemble her boss. She goes along with it by copying her boss’s posture and telling Tao to “get lost.” Our detective cracks up at that. Dr. Qin, on the other hand, looks at his assistant thinking, “What is that fool doing now?”

Dabao can take a lot of BS for her work. But, never get between her and food. When dinner time calls, just let the woman eat because even the most docile assistant will bite her boss’ head off when she is hungry.

And as it turns out, Dabao’s food craving is the key to solving a particular troublesome case. To celebrate, Dr. Qin takes the team to a crawfish dinner. Dabao and Tao dig in like normal social humans. In contrast, Dr. Qin eats crawfish with surgical precision. OCD people may find his way of eating mentally soothing. I certainly do.

The success of crawfish case leads Dabao to declare her willingness to give up her skinny body to solve cases through food. She is so selfless!
Dr Qin Medical Examiner Dr Qin Medical Examiner


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