A Good Day 美好年代

I’m not going to lie, A Good Day (美好年代) is slow to start and the characters can be obnoxious at times. And the title should be change to “Tomboy and her four guy friends and her extraordinary bad luck with mobile phones.” But the show grew on me, and now I miss my Little BS Tigers, which consisted of tomboy Wen Xiaoquang, jock Jiang Xinyuan, contraband dealer Wu Boqi, and introvert Gu Junpeng. If I had friends like them, I would want my childhood to last forever too. Why grow up when you can have carefree crazy fun all the time? I feel you, Xiaoguang.

A Good Day A Good Day

There is a friendship called “GuangYuan.” It happens when two people form a telepathic connection after being joined at the hip since forever. They always know when the other friend needs to be told they are dumber than a doornail, and in some extreme cases, a serious butt kick.
A Good Day Bruce Hung Eugenie Liu Jiang Xin Yuan Wen Xiao Guang

With the introduction of beautiful Jiang Annie, exchange student Ji Jie, boy-crazy Bao Linlin, the Little BS Tigers say goodbye to childhood as they experience their first love, first jealousy and first heartbreak. And a painful lesson on the difference between what they think they want and what they really want.
Bruce Hung Leina Eugenie Liu Hwang In Deok

Wen Xiaoguang is the leader of Little BS Tigers. She is a hyperactive loyal simpleton who lives in manga lala land. Everything she knows about romance comes from manga. She has no concept of what real world love is like and wouldn’t recognize jealousy even if it had hit her with a ten ton concrete.
A Good Day A Good Day

Skinship between friends is so normal to her, she doesn’t think twice when she tries to unbutton Ji Jie’s shirt or even blink when she is in the presence of a half naked muscular Jiang Xinyuan. She continues to see themselves as a bunch of gender neutral eight year-olds, oblivious to the fact that her friends are growing up around her, physically and mentally.
A Good Day

Ji Jie was, sort of, kind of, possibly, Xiaoguang’s first love. For a girl who was seriously romantically-challenged, he managed to get her heart pumping and looking forward to her first kiss. Unfortunately, he had to go back to America before their budding romance could get anywhere.
A Good Day A Good Day

But not before starting a turf war with Xinyuan that led to Xiaoguang’s second kiss.
A Good Day A Good Day

I didn’t know how much I loved Xiaoguang/Xinyuan pairing until they broke down. It wasn’t because of Annie or Jie (they were certainly catalysts), it was their timing. Xinyuan was growing up but Xiaoguang was not ready to leave her childhood. She was still in a world where “friend is a friend” and “love interest is someone who looks like he just walked out of manga.” When he kissed her, she saw the act as a betrayal of their friendship and went ballistic on him. She might be the right person for him but he chose the wrong time to tell her, and he was too hurt and too headstrong to give her time to work through her confused feelings. He left for college without making amends.

Jiang Xin Yuan Wen Xiao Guang A Good Day
Xinyuan: Why can Ji Jie kiss you and not me?! Wen Xiaoguang, you are supposed to be mine!

Although he did come back during holiday breaks, their relationship couldn’t go back to the way they were before the broke down. He left a message on her mobile phone but she never got it (Apparently in the 1990s voicemails were stored on the device itself and if you break the phone you have no way of accessing the message.) The regret of losing her friendship haunted him for the rest of his life.
A Good Day Jiang Xin Yuan A Good Day
Xinyuan: I shouldn’t have bet against our friendship on love. You are too precious for me to lose. Wen Xiaoguang, can we start over?

Gu Junpeng was the only friend who stayed with Xiaoguang through thick and thin, boyfriends and breakups. He filled the vacant best friend spot after Xinyuan deserted her. If Xiaoguang hadn’t categorized him as a friend and she wasn’t so obtuse to begin with, she would’ve guessed that everything he did was because he was in love her.
A Good Day

Xiaoguang might not have responded to his affection as a woman but she more than reciprocated his thoughtfulness as a best friend.
An Jun Peng A Good Day A Good Day

Because Junpeng hid his feelings for Xiaoguang so well and the fact that he had rejected every girls’ advances, Wu Boqi thought he was gay. Boqi began to spread rumors that Junpeng was in love with Xinyuan, and that he would support his friends unconditionally if only Junpeng would come out of the closet. Wahaha!
Bruce Hung Yang Ming Wei Bruce Hung An Jun Peng

Imagine Boqi’s shock when he found out that Junpeng was in love with Xiaoguang for over twenty years. Besides being wrong about the gay thing, he never imagined that any of their friends would be interested in Xiaoguang in a non-platonic way. She maybe a female but she is hardly a girl.
A Good Day A Good Day

Twenty years is a long time to wait for someone. But it is just right amount time for Xiaoguang to grow up.
A Good Day Eugenie Liu An Jun Peng A Good Day


2 thoughts on “A Good Day 美好年代

  1. XiaoGuangFan612 April 4, 2017 / 11:29 am

    Hi, I’m just passing by. Wanted to comment on this article, because I love this show so much. I never expected it to be that good. I fell in love with all the characters, their beautiful friendship and the story of every character. And of course, my favourite couple: Xiao Guang and Ah Yuen. They were meant for each other but there love story turned out so sad. I was rooting for Xiao Guang and Ah Yuen from the beginning, but I also fell for Jun Peng’s patience and love for Xiao Guang. I can totally understand why he is the winner. There is also another version where she ends up with JiJie which I totally dislike. Anyway, I think I will rewatch this many times. It always cheers me up 😀


    • kumaxell April 16, 2017 / 10:19 pm

      I rooted for GY pairing too. Instead of Ji Jie, I rather the alternate ending had paired Xiao Guang with Ah Yuan.


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