Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 1

I like my dramas light and smart. I generally avoid “human drama” because it is always depressing, upsetting, torturous, and worst of all, it makes me question why I am even born to this dirty, selfish earth. If I had to watch a drama that revels in the darkness of human nature, I choose one that is presented with black humor. In which case, I don’t know why I am watching Q series’ Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark (天黑請閉眼). It is so heavy even their laughter seemed loaded. Except it promises a good murder mystery. At least, I hope it is.

Zhi Ju Chang

High school is a cesspool of shallow friendship filled with jealousy and lies. The problem is that time washes away the hurtful feelings and people look back on those “good old days” with rosy filter. High school reunion, therefore, is a reality check. And what better way to do so than being trapped in a mountain with a dead ex-friend?

Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

Our 8 high school classmates didn’t part ways with hugs and kisses. Their last days together was filled with accusations, tears, and bawls. Who leaked Hong Xiaotong and Lan Yicong’s intimate pictures by posting them all over the school? Who stole his phone with the pictures on it? Why hadn’t he delete those pictures when she asked him? Who was to blame for branding her the school slut? According to a secret text message, our organizer Bai Xinyi might have discovered the person behind the scandal.

Zhi Ju Chang Q Series

And that may be the reason she is stuffed in a luggage and discarded in an illegal garbage dump site. Or, maybe not.

At first glance, the ex-friends seemed to have put the past behind them. They all showed up at the mountain retreat to dig up the time capsule from their high school days. Yet, delicious meal, easy conversation, and good hike to their secret spot couldn’t shake the troubled feeling that their organizer didn’t show up. Their apprehension grew when they couldn’t find the capsule under the tree. Impending bad weather also added to their concern.

Q Series

Then they overheard the hotel owner’s son saying there was a stalled car near the mountain pass. Their impromptu search party found the car but not their missing organizer. Calls to Xinyi’s cellphone were unanswered.

Zhi Ju Chang

Which was understandable considering Xinyi was very dead at that moment. So the million dollar question is: Who killed her?

Since she died before reaching the hotel, she could’ve been killed by random psychos roaming the deserted mountain road for an easy prey. A stalled car with a distressed female driver is as easy as they come.

Lan Ya Yun Zhi Ju Chang

Then again, this being a drama, I narrow my suspect list to the 7 ex-friends, the hotel owner, and the owner’s son.

Let’s cross off who I least suspect as the killer:

The hotel owner. Although she knows the illegal garbage dumping ground where they found the dead body and she seemed a little crazed in the kitchen, she had no motive to kill Xinyi.
Lai Pei Xia

Huang Yuxiu, the annoying whiner who I wish were dead instead. I can picture her spreading vicious rumors about Xiaotong in high school but I can’t see her as a mastermind behind the scandal, and even less as a killer.
Zhu Sheng Ping

Li Zishuo. He stole the time capsule and he found the body. That should’ve made him the primary suspect, but somehow I can’t picture him as the killer. Tho’ I do suspect him as the one who stole the phone with the pictures on it.
Xu Jun Hao

Now to the “Maybe” list:

Lu Bocang, the doctor. He seemed like a nice guy and a good husband. He examined the body when others were losing their minds over the discovery. In the same token, killing her in cold blood is not so far fetched. Isn’t it always the nicest person who commits the worse crimes?
Zhang Shu Hao

Zhou Rouqing, the social advocate. He was with Xinyi when she hid the phone as a prank, but he said nothing about his own involvement when the scandal broke out. He was riding alone to the reunion so he could’ve spotted Xinyi on the road and killed her without being seen.
Cao Yan Hao

Lan Yicong, the rich land developer. He was the victim of the scandal. He got ax to grind.
Chen Wei Lun

And my “Most Likely” list:

The owner’s son. He is clearly a disturbed individual. He could’ve killed her in a struggle and dumped the body.
Huang Shang He

Liu Chengfang, the doctor’s wife. She wasn’t all that excited to be paired up with Bocang in high school. I suspect she was jealous of Xiaotong’s popularity and for dating Yicong. She could have masterminded the whole scandal, then killed Xinyi to shut her up.
Sun Ke Fang

Hong Xiaotong, the actress. She was the ultimate victim of the scandal. She, too, got ax to grind. The reunion could be her pretext to get everyone together and kill them all.
Jian Man Shu Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark


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