Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 2

Okay… So the decade old high school scandal wasn’t what killed Xinyi. Her death was an accident. What a relief!

Or, is it?

While I was wrong about the killer and the motive, the intent to silence her still stands. And the cover up afterwards was anything but accidental.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. And our liar was the next to die.

Spoiler ahead. Read at your own risk.

I’m not the only one suspecting the owner’s son. Him acting unsympathetic and creepy did not help his case. Ruoqing deduced from his mud splattered shoes that he was in the woods some point after the storm. That meant he might have been out there dumping the body. And, he could have attacked Chengfang because she was in his path.
Zhi Ju Chang

Even his mother doubted his alibi. And that said a whole lot about his character. She hadn’t believe his story straight away because she knew he had killed a woman before and he could have done it again.
Close Your Eyes Before Its Dark Q Series

Kidnapping Xiaotong only added to his laundry list of crimes. Yet, it was the kidnapping that crossed him off my suspect list. He didn’t violate Xiaotong when he could have. He continued to maintain that he had nothing to do with her friend’s death despite being forced to the proverbial corner. He was a pervert and a killer but he was not our killer.

Close Your Eyes Before Its Dark

At this point, you may wonder why our friends hadn’t contact the police. The storm from the day before had caused a landslide blocking the only exit out of the mountain and severed the power line to the transmission tower rendering their cellphones and landline useless. They were basically trapped until the rescue crew could dig them out.
Q Series Zhi Ju Chang

Being stuck together gave the friends time for a heart-to-heart talk. Bocang tried to break the ice between Xiaotong and Yicong. It was what Xinyi wanted. For them to be friends again.
Lan Ya Yun Zhang Shu Hao

But Chengfang didn’t look too happy with what her husband was doing. In fact, she looked down right upset.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

Anyway, back to hunting the owner’s son and rescuing our kidnapped Xiaotong. Ruoqing finally tracked him down in the woods. Xiaotong was not with him. Fights ensued. Ruoqing got shot. The owner’s son ran off with his rifle. But before he ran away, he argued that Xinyi might’ve been killed by one of their own. I totally agree.
Close Your Eyes Before Its Dark Huang Shang He

While Ruoqing and the owner’s son were having their showdown, Yicong reached the transmission tower. Xiaotong was not there either. Instead, he was greeted by a voice recording and a mysterious person in a hooded jacket. The person smashed him against the power line knocking him unconscious. Second shot rang out and our Yicong was very dead.
Chen Wei Lun

That conniving, lying bastard! Served him right for leaving a friend dead on the side of the road. Apparently, Xinyi was auditing his company right before a major land bid. He pleaded for her to postpone the auditing but she refused. Their fighting triggered her asthma. It was at this moment he decided to be the world’s number one A-hole by threatening to withhold the inhaler unless she agree to postpone. Push led to shove, she hit the tree and the inhaler went flying into the bushes. By the time he came back from his fruitless search for the inhaler, she had stopped breathing and laid face up with dead fish eyes and blood trickling from her head.
Close Your Eyes Before Its Dark

He could’ve called the police or the ambulance. But no. He hid her body in the bushes, pretended he never saw her, sent a text message from her phone saying she had gone back to town, disposed her body in the cover of darkness, knocked Chengfang over the head because she happened to cross his path, then tried to pin the crime on the owner’s son. I have no sympathy for this guy. I’m glad Xinyi recorded their conversation so someone would know what really went down.

Now then, who killed Yicong? I can’t be 100% positive that the person with Xinyi’s phone and the person who shot him were one and the same. There seemed to be a time lag.

It was obvious that Yicong didn’t feel physically threatened by the person with the phone. Therefore, I rule out Ruoqing. He was on Yicong’s case about the land deal since they met. If he was the one playing the recorded message, Yicong would be more on guard.

On my “Most Likely list:

Huang Yuxiu. She stayed behind in the hotel while the guys were out searching for the owner’s son, which meant she had time to access Xinyi’s phone. Since she was upset with Yicong for refusing to lend her money, his death could very well be a blackmail gone wrong.

Liu Chengfang. Another person who had time to access phone. I still think she did it out of jealousy.

Hong Xiaotong. She could have palmed the phone when she was checking out the luggage earlier that day. I can picture her digging into Xinyi’s phone trying to find out what the dead girl knew of the mastermind behind the scandal and stumbling upon the recording. Since she was nowhere to be found after she escaped from the owner’s son, she could be in hiding, waiting to confront Yicong with Xinyi’s dying message.

Although Ruoqing might not be the person with the phone, he has the strongest motive for wanting Yicong dead. And killing Yicong could be a crime of opportunity. The douchebag is unconscious from the electrocution with his rifle next to him on the ground. All Ruoqing has to do is to pick up the rifle and shoot him in the head. As for the owner’s son, I officially rule him out for this particular murder.


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