Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 3

I’ve never played the Mafia party game and I think I should. The rule is as follow: Get 8-20 people together, assign a player with a secret mafia identity, have the mafia kill an innocent person in the darkness of night (eyes closed). When day breaks (eyes open), the surviving innocents are to name the mafia’s true identity. The game ends when the players ID the right killer or when the mafia finishes killing all the players. It seems like alot of fun.

If only our ex-friends had finished playing the Mafia game when they were in high school, then they wouldn’t have to resume the game ten years later with Xinyi being honest-to-goodness dead and not fake dead. And now, with another friend joining her corpse rank, the need to find the killer is more urgent than ever.

Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Zhi Ju Chang Q series
If we make it out of here alive, I’m going to make some changes to my life.

As “all-is-well” facade begins to disintegrate, paranoia takes hold. And fear tends to bring out the worse in people.

Spoiler ahead. Read at your own risk.

It’s sort of funny and slightly disturbing that the corpses are having their little conversation, throwing the viewers little clues at a time. This episode’s clue: Yicong never expected “this person” would be the one killing him.
Close Your Eyes Before Its Dark

I’m crossing Yuxiu and Ruoqing off the suspect list. They both had run-in with Yicong prior to him being shot. Xiaotong is also out because, you know, the pictures. That leaves Bocang, Chengfang, and Zishuo as the main suspects.

My bet is still on Chengfang but I am beginning to think Bocang might have done the deeds. I would go further and say he leaked the pictures to show her that Yicong was a douchebag getting on with another girl, hoping she would be disillusioned with him. Xiaotong was a collateral damage. Or, maybe she was a tribute. The quickest way to a girl’s heart was helping her obliterate her rival. Then the reunion made him see that his wife had never gotten over her high school crush. The thought of losing her terrified him, so he got rid of the guy once and for all.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

A more diligent viewer than I pointed out that the recorded message wasn’t from Xinyi’s phone but rather a voicemail recording. That opens up a whole new possibility on who the blackmailer could be. Bocang gets another vote on this one. When you are short of breath and try to get help, who do you call? Bocang is a doctor and his number could be on her quick-dial list.

When the owner’s son alleged seeing one of their own killed Yicong, Bocang was quick to shut him down and anybody who raised the possibility that one of them actually did it.

1. We all know how the owner’s son tends to speak with super long pauses. Bocang didn’t even allow him the time to finish his sentence before he grabbed the walkie-talkie from Ruoqing’s hand and declared it out of juice.

2. When Zishuo overheard the owner was planning to meet up with her son (using a working walkie-talkie that she failed to mention that she still had), Bocang discouraged everyone from confronting the owner’s son. It’s too dangerous to approach a man with a rifle, he said.
Q Series Bocang

3. On their way back from searching for antibiotics, he suggested that he and Zishuo make a detour to see if there were other residents left on the mountain who might have food to share. This was when Ruoqing was unconscious with high fever from his infected wound. Is Bocang really that concern about their food supply or is he trying to track down the owner’s son?
Zishuo Bocang

If Bocang were the killer, he has Yicong’s rifle. I wonder where he stashed it? If he did manage to track down and kill the owner’s son, will he also kill Zishuo to shut him up? As of right now, Bocang is my number one suspect.

Everyone has secrets. The question is whether the secret is worth killing for. For Zishuo, it certainly warrants him to steal the time capsule. I bet he confessed his deep and undying love for Ruoqing in the video tape, thinking he would say it in person one day. Only now realizing that his feeling is just as impossible as it was in high school.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

He is, however, willing to jump into raging water at the risk of death to retrieve Ruoqing’s antibiotics.
Zishuo Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

Unlike another individual who would most likely die in the woods while searching for the elusive signal.
Yuxiu Q Series

And need saving by a seriously injured man she tried to pin the murders on.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

I hope she would stop being so selfish and whining from here on. I know she is scared. I know she has inferior complex. Yet, it is no reason to ignite a witch hunt and turn everyone against one another.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

The mystery deepens when the group is drugged, slashed and locked in the basement with the corpses.
Close Your Eyes Before It'ss Dark


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