Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 5

One would think, they will be safe once the police shows up. Killer will get arrested and everybody goes home happy. If only…

Q Series Zhi Ju Chang Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

While the police did correctly identified Bai Xinyi’s killer, he fell for the same misdirection as our group when it came to the other killer.

Spoiler ahead. Read at your own risk.

Xinyi’s boyfriend aka. the police interrogated everyone from the hotel establishing their timelines and cross-verifying their stories. He was able to narrow in on Xinyi’s killer soon enough. Concrete proof came in the form of Lan Yicong’s driving cam. Video playback showed Yicong and Xinyi walking into the woods together just before her death. The rest was history.
Q Series Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

The revelation didn’t go over well with Ruoqing. A sense of guilt washed over him as he recalled that he was the one who sent Xinyi after Yicong to investigate corporate fraud. He told her it was for social justice but it was really for self-interest. And because of him, she was dead.
Zhi Ju Chang Bai Xin Yi Q Series Zhou Ruo Qing

If Yicong killed Xinyi, then who killed Yicong?

Whoever it was, it made no difference to the hotel owner. They were all guilty. I can’t blame her for getting trigger happy. All this time, they blamed her son for the murders when her son was one of the victims. These people were shameless.
Q Series Zhi Ju Chang

In the end, she ran away without hurting anybody. Unfortunately, the killer caught up to her and wasn’t as shy about hurting innocent people. The cop retraced her blood back to a public bathroom, which so happens was where the killer stacked the missing rifle.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

Naturally, he suspected the first person who found the unconscious owner. Bocang’s testimony only made him more suspicious.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Zhi Ju Chang Lu Bo Cang

So he decided to reexamine Yicong’s body. He found it scrubbed clean. Shock (nah). It also didn’t help when someone painted big red warning message ordering him to stop investigating.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Q Series

The warning only pushed him to double down on his effort to find the killer. He told everyone to write on the map of where they were when they heard the gunshot and what they were doing at the time.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

After reading through everyone’s account of that fateful night, he found a discrepancy that challenged his theory of who the killer was. Being a competent detective, he did a controlled test to verify their whereabouts. After the test, he privately spoke to two people: Yuxiu and Chengfang.
Q Series Zhi Ju Chang

Late that night, he received an anonymous message. Next day, he was found dead in a fish pond. Seriously, I did not see that coming.


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