Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 6

I had my eyes on one suspect since episode 3. Then, in the last episode they did something that made me doubt my choice. Even as denials flow out of their mouths, I was thinking, “Oh no, maybe it was her.”

Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Q Series Zhi Ju Chang

My belief for my suspect was so strong not even a straight-faced statement, “You will be the next I kill,” could shake my conviction. But those two women’s tearful admissions got me questioning my suspect choice. Good job, show!
Closed Your Eyes Before It's Dark

Spoiler ahead. Read at your own risk.

Our cop is dead. Sigh…. Obviously killed by the writer of the anonymous message aka. our murderer. The group is now back to square one. But this time, they are so scared that half of the group insisted on stopping all murder investigations. If one of them had killed a law enforcement, he/she is not going to hesitate about killing an amateur detective who gets too close to the truth.
Close Your Eye Before It's Dark

Of course, the idea of burying their heads in the sand doesn’t jibe with Xiaotong. Do they really think the killer will let them leave the mountain alive? Clearly, Chengfang disagrees. She looks to Ruoqing for support.
Ruo Qing Cheng Fang

Xiaotong is undeterred and continues what she knows of the cop’s investigation, which is finding out where everybody were at the time of the gunshot.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

Nothing anybody said to her particularly stands out. Except for Chengfang’s out of nowhere apology. She tells Xiaotong that she is sorry. For what exactly that is what I want to ask. After an uncomfortable silence Chengfang says that she doesn’t want to lose anymore friends.
Oh… For their contentious argument earlier. Yeah, well, sure… Whatever you say.
Cheng Fang Xiao Tong

Zishuo worries that her action will get her killed. She, in turn, asks him, “If you were the killer, would you kill me?” He replies in a dead serious tone that he would. Then they share a laugh.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Xiao Tong Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Zi Shuo

Xiaotong confesses to him why she is so set on finding the killer. If she hadn’t been so desperate about discovering her backstabber’s identity, Xinyi wouldn’t have organized this reunion for her, and they wouldn’t be on this mountain in the first place. It is all her fault that people died. Zishuo looks at her with sad regret and tells her that was not what Xinyi wanted to do. She had hoped that this reunion could heal their old wounds and allow them to be friends again. Xiaotong is both comforted and alarmed by the contents of the time capsule recording.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

This is when the show throws me a curve ball. Why would Chengfang agree to follow Xiaotong to an out-of-the-way, dark, scary place, outside the shouting distance of the hotel? Seriously, are these women out of their minds? There is a killer among them! And these two women decide that this is a great place to have an one-on-one girl talk, never mind that the other person could be the killer! As the conversation progresses, between their hurt feelings and tearful confession of extra marital affair, I start to think, maybe, just maybe, Xiaotong is actually the killer. She has never gotten over the high school betrayal, and the frustration at her own inability to identity her backstabber kept mounting. It might have finally tipped over with Xinyi’s death. Now that she has proof of Chengfang’s betrayal, she is going to kill her.

But that ain’t how the story went. An accident happened, they needed rescue, other people noticed their absence and went out to search for them, Bocang admitted to the crimes exonerating his wife. After the women hashed out their grievances, they forgave each other. Pretty boring stuffs after what I thought was fairly intense, highly emotional scene between the two ex-friends.

BTW, I thought the way the cop died was so retarded. How could a trained policeman turn his back to a known killer allowing the assailant to choke him from behind? Did he lose his brain somewhere between his hotel room and the fish pond?


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