1000 Walls in Dream 夢裡的一千道牆

Two episodes into Q series’ 1000 Walls in Dream (夢裡的一千道牆) and I still don’t know what the drama is about, except ghost is everywhere, be it friendly, indifferent, or plain nasty. They stay around because they can’t let go of whatever it was they can’t let go when they were alive.

But I got to say this drama has one of the cutest ghost ever! It wants to be a real boy. So it follows Taoist teaching to successfully transform from an orb to a translucent baby. A few more episodes, I believe it will grow up to be a proper poltergeist haunting our heroine.
Meng Li De Yi Qian Dao Qiang Zhi Ju Chang Q Series 1000 Walls in Dream

In the meantime, its friends are doing the job for it.
1000 Walls in Dream

I have no idea where the story is going, but I’m already hooked on their theme song Broken Dream.

Right off the bat, we got a man with bouquet flowers running into an apartment to wash off what seemed like a bucket load of blood. He cleaned up nicely. He drank some liquor as he nervously waited for his girlfriend/wife to come home. When she did, she had this melancholy expression. She ignored him as he babbled away. Then she received a phone call. Immediately, she began to cry, as if she could no longer hold back the grief. That was went we found out he was actually a ghost. He went to hell and back to reconnect with his gf/wife, but she left the house without noticing him. He was so upset, he transformed into a scary looking ghost ready to burn the place down.
1000 Walls in Dream

Then, the drama fragmented into different story lines that, right now, seemed loosely connected.

There is the father/son duo who could see ghosts. The father may have sealed his wife’s spirit in their shed. The son thought it was wrong but couldn’t do anything about it. And, they were haunted by his mother’s lover’s evil spirit and by a land developer.
1000 Walls in Dream

The tall, muscular land developer was willing to do anything to get their piece of land, including seducing the shy, impressionable, naive son to steal the property deed. The son had lived like a recluse because of the big red birthmark on his face. Constantly bullied and without friends, he fell for the land developer’s what appeared to be expressions of concern for his well-being.
1000 Walls in Dream Zhi Ju Chang

While that was going on, the son was also helping our orb become a real boy.
1000 Walls in Dream Zhi Ju Chang Q Series

Around the same time, our heroine was suffering from insomnia because of nightmares. I think the scariest nightmare is the one you think you have woken from a dream but you are actually still in a dream, such as waking up to find dark fingers sliding between your toes.
1000 Walls in Dream Zhi Ju Chang Q Series

She went to see a doctor to find out what the hell was going on with her. She worried that she might have hereditary disease of some sort. Her brother had bipolar disorder, which she implied might have inherited from their mother.
Zhi Ju Chang Q Series 1000 Walls in Dream

Her brother was a handful. He slashed his college roommate because he was upset that she was leaving him to attend school abroad. He was later found to be criminally insane. She stayed to take care for him.
1000 Walls in Dream

His transition back to society was rocky to say the least. Any suggestion that he is a drag to his sister would induce another round of meltdown.
1000 Walls in Dream Meng Li De Yi Qian Dao Qiang

Family was her stressor, so was work. But she was very lucky to have a coworker/best friend to lean on for support.
1000 Walls in Dream

So when her best friend asked her to fill in for their sick presenter on project briefing day, she agreed. Unfortunately, she was wholly unprepared for the presentation. She started crying uncontrollably when the clients began to grill her.
Zhi Ju Chang Q Series 1000 Walls in Dream

And from there goes to another story. The architect wasn’t happy with the briefing and asked his nephew to oversee the project.
1000 Walls in Dream Zhi Ju Chang Q Series

But the nephew was more concern about reconnecting with his ex-girlfriend and their cat than with his uncle’s project.
1000 Walls in Dream Zhi Ju Chang Q Series

The show seemed to hint there might be some impropriety between his uncle and his mother. With him eavesdropping on their casual conversation.
1000 walls in Dream Zhi Ju Chang Q Series

When the nephew finally made an appearance at the game designer’s office, he fell asleep waiting for them to put together a project update. It was really his own fault that they made a joke out of him. Good thing he turned out to be much easier to talk to then his uncle.
Zhi Ju Chang Q Series 1000 Walls in Dream

I can see the sister and the nephew stories converge but I wonder how they are going to introduce the son’s story into the fold. While I still don’t know what to make of the show, the characters themselves have enough layers to keep me engaged, even when there is no dialog in the scene.


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