Fighter of the Destiny 择天记

Fighter of the Destiny (择天记) has two of the best gray people. They are not the firmly-on-the-dark-side, bad guys. They are, however, good people who make bad choices.

I think the best drama villain is the one who does terrible things for the right reason. Sheng Hou massacred an entire academic branch, executed most of her husband’s family, ritually slaughtered thousands of prisoners, not to mention she sacrificed her only child in order to preserve the stability of the kingdom. In her mind, a ruler has to get her hands dirty to do what’s best for her people. The blood on her hands is a testimony to her resolve. This woman has never lied to herself. So it is especially satisfying to see her redemption after she has (almost) descended into madness.

Fighter of the Destiny Sheng Hou Chen Sh

Her exact opposite is Qiu Shan Jun. He is a good person who is always trying to do good. The one time that he act selfish and petty, he got suckered into the bad guy camp. Because he couldn’t reconcile what he wanted to be and what he actually was doing, so he lied to others, and worse of all, he lied to himself. His lies quickly snowballed into an avalanche that buried his conscience.

Fighter of the Destiny Qiu Shan Jun Zhang Jun Ning

Sheng Hou fascinates me. When she was not being a queen, she was soft spoken and good-natured. Her interactions with Changsheng were like friends.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny

When she was the queen, she was merciless, if not cruel. She assigned Qiu Shan Jun to guard the comatose Changsheng, knowing full well there was a deep-seated grudge between them. She explained to Jiao Zong that the best way to know if a man was truly unconscious was to dangle a knife over his head.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny Eddie Cheung

As expected, Qiu Shan Jun attempted to kill Changsheng. What she didn’t expect was Yourong coming to the rescue and smuggling Changsheng out of prison. Yourong’s open defiance got her blood boiling and the two phoenixes had a showdown. Naturally, Yourong lost by a huge margin.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny Gu Li Na Zha Xu You Rong

But, Yourong had a get-out-of-jail card that she didn’t know she had. The glowing vial of blood told Sheng Hou that the young man she imprisoned was her biological son. The same infant son that she had to sacrifice in order to save the kingdom from demon invasion so many years ago. He had returned to her at last. And she was doing everything she could to kill him. Oh, what have she done?
Fighter of the Destiny

She was ecstatic to see her son again. She had longed for their big, happy family reunion. Except Changsheng ain’t buying it.
Fighter of the Destiny Lu Han Chen Chang Sheng Fighter of the Destiny

Which was prudent. As happy as she was to have her son back, the safety of her kingdom was more important. And he will give her what she needed. One way or another.
Fighter of the Destiny Lu Han Chen Shu

Then her confidence took a series of hits. First her son outsmarted her.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny

Her favorite champion Qiu Shan Jun turned out to be a spy for the demons.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny

The last straw was her brother’s attempted coup d’état that almost killed her.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny

She finally accepted that she was blinded by her obsession to keep the weapon functional that she failed to see that her country was falling apart at the seams. So for once, since taking the throne, she let go of her obsession and spent some quality time with her son.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny

Their reconciliation only meant it became that much harder for her to sacrifice her son the second time to fix the weapon. No, it was impossible.
Fighter of the Destiny

Her heart had gone soft for Changsheng. And her advisor-turned-enemy used it against her. Jiao Zong gloated that Changsheng was but a vessel he created out of her son’s blood. She fell for his trap and foolishly wasted her power to extend his life.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny

Then Sheng Hou made a statement that redeemed her in my eyes. He may not be her son, but she is his mother. And she doesn’t regret anything she did. The woman is fierce!
Fighter of the Destiny

Even after knowing the truth, she treated Changsheng no different. True to her word she didn’t regret her decisions.
Fighter of the Destiny Fighter of the Destiny

She died giving the remainder of her power to Changsheng so he could continue her work of fighting enemies within and without.
Fighter of the Destin Fighter of the Destiny


5 thoughts on “Fighter of the Destiny 择天记

  1. Riley Elizabeth June 11, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    I didn’t watch FotD, but I really like your review on villains. Especially this line: I think the best drama villain is the one who does terrible things for the right reason. I totally agree. Makes me mad when dramas get derailed by stupid villains with stupid schemes.


    • kumaxell June 12, 2017 / 8:25 am

      There are plenty of stupid villains in this drama to make me do the eye rolling sigh. But Sheng Hou/Chen Changsheng kept me going.


    • Dj March 4, 2018 / 9:36 pm

      What episode is this please?


  2. Dj March 4, 2018 / 9:35 pm

    In what episode is this?


    • kumaxell March 5, 2018 / 7:39 am

      The review is on the whole series with no focus on any particular episode.


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