Let’s Shake It 颤抖吧!阿部

The idea that we had multiple encounters with outer space aliens in the ancient time fascinates me to no end. And, scifi romantic comedy lET’s shake it (颤抖吧!阿部) is right up that alley. What is an advanced civilization alien supposed to do when it crash landed on earth with no way of getting back into space? Merge with the locals, of course.

Abu Caca is a smuggler of primitive species, which includes apes from earth, also known as, humans. Her day of reckoning comes when the ship that was transporting her to galactic prison blew up and crashed on earth… Among the primitive apes. *Gasp. Without protective gear against the earth’s atmosphere, she had to merge with a local life form to survive. A tree worked just fine for her purpose. But she and the tree were rudely interrupted by a murder in progress of a human girl. Always motivated by profit margin, Abu tried to resuscitate the girl in the hope of selling her to the highest bidder. She and the girl were, again, rudely interrupted. This time by the girl’s brother who thought she was a demon trying to suck the life force out of the dying girl. One banshee screaming after another, he stabbed her right through chest and sent her atoms flying.

Let's Shake It Let's Shake It

The girl died. She atomized. But her antenna survived, which is really the essence of her entire being, and it merged with the dead girl. Voila! The girl lived once more! Well not exactly. It’s more of Abu successfully body snatched an earth life form.

Let's Shake It Let's Shake It

Thus, Abu begins her con of pretending to be a human girl as she searches for a way to get back out to space. I wouldn’t say she is successful at it, but humans do have a tendency to ignore the obvious…

Let's Shake It Zheng Ye Cheng Let's Shake It An Yue Xi

Like when she chows down a bucket load of braised pork in under 5 seconds and gains wonder woman abilities…
Let's Shake It Let's Shake It

Or glows blue every so often and carries around strange devices…
Let's Shake It

Or, hits her enemy, friend, anyone who gets in her way with a cinder block (where she hide that thing I do not know)…
Let's Shake It

The list goes on. Her human disguise is more porous than a sponge. Yet, denial is strong with humans. Must be the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, says her overprotective “brother.”
Let's Shake It

Abu ain’t the only alien in Tang Dynasty China. Landed with her is the most honorable, most courageous, most obnoxious ship captain/prison guard Duo Miao, who happens to be of the same specie as her. While Abu manages to merge with a human, he merges with a cat. But the cat turns out to be no ordinary cat but another alien life form that can transform from a cat to a human at will. Talk about identity crisis.
Let's Shake It

Then there are the alien descendants living on earth. Their ancestors merged/interbred with the earth life forms giving birth to them, the half-breeds. Fortunate few inherited both the human appearance and the alien abilities. Others… Let’s just say living on the down low is a necessity.
Let's Shake It Let's Shake It

Their secret existence faces major exposure when the most notorious and ultra dangerous prisoner is set loose in ancient China with Abu and Duo Miao. Prisoner Zero murdered its way across galaxies to get its hand on the “Eye of Universe”. Now that it and the Eye are both on earth, it will stop at nothing to possess it.
Let's Shake It

Abu really doesn’t want to get involved (you know, ‘cuz it’s dangerous.), but Zero’s evil control over the Imperial family directly impacts her adopted family. And that is a huge problem because she is growing quite fond of her “brother.”
Let's Shake It Let's Shake It

Why do they think a blade of grass on their heads is a good disguise for undercover investigation?
Let's Shake It Let's Shake It

I swear, Abu and Duo Miao can pass for twins. They are so cute!
Let's Shake It Let's Shake It


3 thoughts on “Let’s Shake It 颤抖吧!阿部

  1. Lisa September 11, 2017 / 12:57 am

    Hi! I always look forward to your updates as I can find so many good drama reccomendations and reviews. I was wondering if you watched the Chinese drama Hummingbird (Hummingbird Attack) and if you could write a review on it please!! Also, I found such a wonderful surprise with this drama you just reviewed as I’m usually not into the mystical type of dramas. Top quality review as usual! Thanks for your hard work 🙂


    • Lisa September 11, 2017 / 1:01 am

      Also who are your favorite actors/actresses? I’m a big fan of Hu Ge, Wallace Huo, Yuan Shan Shan and Hawick Lau~


    • kumaxell September 11, 2017 / 8:38 am

      Thanks for your comment, Lisa. My genre is scifi, comedy, supernatural, mystery. Revenge, war drama is not really my thing. Hu Ge’s “The Disguiser” is the only one I ever finished (*pat on the back). What do you like about Hummingbird Attack?

      I don’t have any favorite actors/actresses, but I do have couple people that I’m willing to watch at least one episode of any drama they are in. Hu Ge is one of them. Jiao Jun Yan is another.


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