Right or Wrong 是非

Bigger production budget and longer episodes meant the stories in season 2 of HIStory were better developed (and if I dare say, had better acting.) They finally ditched the air mattress and got themselves real beds. And they ate in a real dinning room instead of a sun room. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Obsessed.) And the best of all, they broadened the stories to be more than just BL. Right or Wrong (是非) hit the ground running with a story of a little girl, her single dad, and a young man who became an integral part of their family.

HIStory2 Right or Wrong HIStory2 Shi Fei

I got into watching this show because of the little girl. She reminded me so much of myself as a kid I got goosebumps watching her. I remember the countless times when my head got buried in the crooks of my babysitters’ arms. It’s not like it’s my fault that I was the biggest third wheel in the world or that my head was so big it blocked the TV…
HIStory2: Right or Wrong Shi Fei

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