May I Love You 本来只想暗恋你

On youtube, I stumbled onto this cute, little Malaysian webdrama May I Love You (本来只想暗恋你). It caught my eyes because of this scene:

May I Love You

Apparently, a good looking guy from the school just gave a bento (lunch box) to a chubby girl. In public. For no apparent reason. As result, a whole gossip factory suddenly sprung to life.

What was the meaning of his action? The girl had the same question on her mind when she returned the empty bento back to him. He clearly was looking for a reply. And all she could think of was, “Am I supposed to pay for his home cooked lunch?”
May I Love You May I Love You

If a guy treated you to free food and drinks days on end and always act happy to see you, you might suspect that he probably had the hots for you. In Qingcheng’s case, she didn’t have the courage to consider that possibility. No way a guy like him would be interested in a girl like her. It must be a prank of some sort. Her roommate, however, dared to suggest that he just might. Does he need to serenade a love song to prove it? Her roommate joked.
May I Love You 本来只想暗恋你 May I Love You 本来只想暗恋你

Which he totally did.
May I Love You 本来只想暗恋你 May I Love You 本来只想暗恋你

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