A Boy Named Flora A 花甲男孩轉大人

Q Series’ A Boy Named Flora A (花甲男孩轉大人) is a dark comedy about a multi-generation family trying to get a handle on the dying (or, non-dying?) of their beloved matriarch and descending into “Lord of the Flies” instead. It is so inappropriate to laugh at some of the things they do. And if I were to watch this drama in public, I would’ve laugh-coughed in fear of offending the public sensibility. Good thing I watched it in the privacy of my own home where I could laugh all I wanted.

Like when the adults were discussing how lavish grandma’s funeral had to be in order to demonstrate their “prominent and upstanding” status in the village, grandson Huajia (aka. Flora A) discovered their “dead” grandma wasn’t quite dead yet. The funeral director knowing that his sale had tragically fell through, given that no one died, he nonetheless tried to salvage the business by inviting the family to come to him when they die in the future. (That is a comforting thought: I can pre-plan my funeral and get an early bird discount.)
A Boy Named Flora A A Boy Named Flora A

Or, when 2nd uncle’s family overslept and missed the life support removal ceremony, they had to crawl to the front door while wailing for the “dead” grandma, only to have 2nd uncle rush out to stop their filial piety act because grandma ain’t dead yet.
A Boy Named Flora A A Boy Named Flora A

Equally embarrassing was when local politicians, in their overzealous patronage, not only gift the family funeral flowers before grandma’s “time”, they came in person to pay their respect, complete with incense and all. Only to be told, again, grandma ain’t dead yet. Being a bunch of slick politicians they were, they immediately turned to the other side of the room and prayed to Buddha for grandma’s long life.
A Boy Named Flora A

Their death rituals/superstitions baffle me sometimes. So I always welcomed moments when regular old comedy appeared. Like two buddies reading manga on the bed, then one of them farts into the other person’s face.
A Boy Named Flora A

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Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 6

I have mixed feelings for KO One: Re-call (終極一班 5). On one hand, I’m excited that Calvin Chen will be reprising his role as Wang Ya Se. On the other hand, I’m sick of seeing the same
characters doing exactly the same thing (being a bunch of delinquent students) for 12 years and counting. Don’t these people ever graduate from the class of KO One?? Sigh… I wouldn’t be as critical if only they had given me a whole new set of students to work with.

Anywho, Calvin is confirmed. So are Sylvia Wang, Xu Ming Jie, Bernice Tsai, and Zhang Hao Ming. I’m assuming Na Wei Xun is too because he is in all the Zhong Ji Series.

1000 Walls in Dream 夢裡的一千道牆

Two episodes into Q series’ 1000 Walls in Dream (夢裡的一千道牆) and I still don’t know what the drama is about, except ghost is everywhere, be it friendly, indifferent, or plain nasty. They stay around because they can’t let go of whatever it was they can’t let go when they were alive.

But I got to say this drama has one of the cutest ghost ever! It wants to be a real boy. So it follows Taoist teaching to successfully transform from an orb to a translucent baby. A few more episodes, I believe it will grow up to be a proper poltergeist haunting our heroine.
Meng Li De Yi Qian Dao Qiang Zhi Ju Chang Q Series 1000 Walls in Dream

In the meantime, its friends are doing the job for it.
1000 Walls in Dream

I have no idea where the story is going, but I’m already hooked on their theme song Broken Dream.

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Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 6

I had my eyes on one suspect since episode 3. Then, in the last episode they did something that made me doubt my choice. Even as denials flow out of their mouths, I was thinking, “Oh no, maybe it was her.”

Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Q Series Zhi Ju Chang

My belief for my suspect was so strong not even a straight-faced statement, “You will be the next I kill,” could shake my conviction. But those two women’s tearful admissions got me questioning my suspect choice. Good job, show!
Closed Your Eyes Before It's Dark

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Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 5

One would think, they will be safe once the police shows up. Killer will get arrested and everybody goes home happy. If only…

Q Series Zhi Ju Chang Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

While the police did correctly identified Bai Xinyi’s killer, he fell for the same misdirection as our group when it came to the other killer.

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Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 4

The content of Zishuo’s time capsule recording shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I have never considered him as a murder suspect so I only feel intense sadness that his secret is used to blackmail him into silence. Instead of a hope for the future, the message is now his shame. Yet, he is not the only one torn between wanting to believe and agonizing with doubts.

I am beginning to think Chengfang didn’t know who the killer was but is now having her suspicions. When the group turns a blind eye toward an injured enemy, she unexpected becomes the voice of compassion.
Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark Zhi Ju Chang Q Series

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High 5 Basketball High 5 制霸青春

To think I had dismissed High 5 Basketball (High5 制霸青春) as a testosterone-fueled, egomaniac show about an underdog basketball team (filled with super tall hunks) going all the way to the finals under the leadership of a newbie female coach. Good thing I stuck to it. I might have FF through the beginning, skip some in the middle, but I was glued to the screen from episode 9 onward. I laughed. I cried. I was so proud of them at the end, I laugh cried. I was a mess.

High 5 Basketball Wes Luo Hong Zhen Simon Lian Chen Xiang

This show tells me that, sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination. It is not weakness to accept help, nor is it ungrateful to ask for space. Knowing when to praise is just as crucial as knowing when to take out the whip. It is okay to cry, so long as we are surrounded by people who don’t judge us. Respect is what makes the world go round. And finally, it is certainly not wrong to have realistic expectation of our abilities, but nonetheless, try to better ourselves every single day.

High 5 Basketball

The love lines are very satisfying in a non-intrusive way. We are really there for the bonding moments.
Wes Luo Cheng Yu Xi High 5 High 5 Basketball Janet Hsieh Johnny Lu High 5 Comso Lin Simon High 5

I am so loving the show’s ending theme song: Janice Yan’s “The Gaze” (閻奕格 – 凝視).

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