My, How You’ve Grown!

I’ve been watching some old dramas and got unexpectedly warm and fuzzy inside when I recognized a few familiar faces among them. And I went, “Oh~~ They were so adorably cute!” I’m talking about the child actors. Some have grown up to take on leading roles, such as Wu Lei in Tomb of the Sea. Others are still playing younger versions of main characters. My moment of nostalgia inspired me to write about six young actors who made a strong impression on me in one drama or another, and I hope to see more of them in the future.

I’ll start the list with Bian Cheng, who I currently use as my profile pic. He completely won me over with his portrayal of teenage Luo Chi in Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You. The farewell scene between Luo Chi and Ai Qing tugged my heartstrings to no end. I was choking with tears when he asked Ai Qing if he could go and find her in China. There was so much emotions contained in that small, hopeful question. And at a tender age of 12, he was able to to bring out all the layers with those soulful eyes of his.

Bian Cheng

Bian Cheng Name: Bian Cheng (边程)
DOB: August 6, 2004
Where have I seen you: Eagles and Youngsters; Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You; Love O2O; Beauties in the Closet; Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace; Never Gone

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Song, you are the drama

May all the drama soundtracks in 2019 be as memorable and fitting as these are.

Xiang Long – Yi Sheng Zai Jian (A lifetime of goodbye) by Xu Fei.

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – Mei Xiang Ru Gu (The fragrance of plum is same as old) by Mao Buyi and Zhou Shen

Ashes to Love – Bu Ran (Unsullied) by Mao Buyi

Eternal Love – Liang Liang (Chilly) by Zhang Bichen and Aska Yang

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My Prague vacation

When people said Prague in Czech Republic is easy to get around, they weren’t kidding. Their public transit is super easy to navigate. Between the metro, the tram, and the bus, I was able to see most of the city in the 3 days that I was there.

While their transit is awesome, buying the transit ticket is not. It’s about the most frustrating thing I have ever done. We had planned to use our credit card to buy the bus ticket from the airport to the city. But the damn machine asked me for a pin which I didn’t have. When my friend tried hers, it simply refused to process. So we were forced to withdraw money from the airport ATM. After trying unsuccessfully to pay with cash for the gazillion time, we realized that the machine only accepted the exact change. It can’t be 40 kc. It has to be 32 kc. The most frustrating thing was ALL the stores refused to break the bills for us because we didn’t buy/use/exchange money at their place. Ugh. Finally, we resorted to begging our fellow travelers if they had 2 kc to spare. One European lady took pity on us and paid our tickets with her credit card. God bless her beautiful heart. Once we got to our hotel, we were exhilarated to find out that we could buy tickets directly from the concierge. With our credit cards. Yay!

The next shocker was buying water (voda). Who knew? My past experience in Italy informed me that European countries loved their carbonated water. At least way more than Americans. So we were very careful to select one that that was not bubbly, but the odds were against us. Because we were two illiterate country bumpkins. On our second try, a friendly store clerk lifted the mystery for us. Their country’s water bottles have three colors: The bubbly red. The less bubbly green. The non-bubbly blue. If you don’t like carbonated water, go for the naturale blue.

The next morning, armed with a 24-hour unlimited ticket (110 kc), we set out to explore the city.
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Song, you woke me up

Recent bombardment of work left me tired and double visioned. Try as I might to concentrate, my attention started to drift, my eyelids felt increasingly heavy, and my fingers froze on keyboard. So to wake myself up, short of slapping myself in the face every few minutes, I resorted to listening to some of my favorite oldies while I read through thousands of pages of technical materials. If my head bobs, it’s definitely not because I’m sleeping in front of the computer. Here are my Top 5 Work Songs:

No. 1 on this list is Mayday’s “don’ts don’ts” (五月天-傷心的人別聽慢歌). Their catchy lyrics and fast beats improves motor reflexes, which in turn makes repetitive work less tedious.

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Some Men Just Look Hotter With Facial Hair

Facial hair is not something Asian men are known for. Most of them look better clean shaven. Take Luhan for example. The director of Time Raiders probably lost his eyeglasses (or his mind?) when he decided that Luhan needed a mustache to look more mature. I can tell you it did not achieve its goal. Gasp!


But the upside is it inspired me to write about three Chinese actors who look 10x hotter with facial hair.

Wu Xiu Bo Godfrey Gao Yuan Hong

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How to create animated GIF from video

I never made a GIF and I desperately wanted to make one. So I googled for a way to do it and discovered that I already have the programs needed to create an animated GIF. How awesome is that! I’m so excited over it I decided to compile a little tutorial on creating animated GIF from video for other beginners like myself.

Good job, everyone! It only took an hour.

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Song, why are you so sad?

I don’t know what it is about these songs that makes me feel so heartbroken every time I listen to them. Even now, after hearing them gazillion times, I still get all chocked up. You know, the tingling tightness in your chest that is not caused by a heart burn.

Number one on my list is Terry Lin’s interpretation of “Fade Away” (林志炫 – 煙花易冷). Jay Chou may have wrote the song, but it takes a talent like Terry to give it life! Music starts at 0:18.
♪Some one told me you remained single.♪

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