Remembering Lichuan 遇见王沥川 Part 2

I have a soft spot for families that don’t always give us what we want but always give us what we need. And not so much for families that make decisions for us because they think they know what is best. Wang Jichuan definitely fits the former. He may not win the Best Brother Award, yet we will be lucky to have a brother like him.

Remembering Lichuan

On the other hand, I will probably develop heartburn if I had a brother like Xie Xiaodong. Although we can always count on him to be on our side but sometimes he is more trouble than he’s worth.

Remembering Lichuan Remembering Lichuan

This boy lets his sister travel through a rural country side, into the wilderness, then hitch a ride from a stranger into the city by herself on a bicycle. I know Xiaoqiu is a strong and self-reliant woman. But his confidence in his sister goes above and beyond.

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Remembering Lichuan 遇见王沥川 Part 1

Remembering Lichuan (遇见王沥川) is a tear-jerking love story about an iron-willed English interpreter refusing to breakup with her disabled Chinese-Swiss architect boyfriend. Their famous last word is “No.” That one syllable word conveys the whole spectrum of human emotions and the entirety of their relationship. Get your tissues out because you will need them.

The best part of this drama is watching him looking at her. It’s so, so, so sweet.
Remembering Lichuan Remembering Lichuan

Which only makes the other moments all the more heartbreaking.
Remembering Lichuan Remembering Lichuan
Lichuan: You have to move on.
Xiaoqiu: No.

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