Make Our Days Count 那一天 Part 2

I’m not a big fan of BL dramas with clinging girlfriend, homophobic parents, and fan service sex scenes. Congratulations! Make Our Days Count had all three.

Fortunately, I like how they handled the breakup between Xiang Haoting and Li Siyu. It’s positive and soul cleansing. If you want to break up with someone, have the decency of saying it in person. Be clear and concise that it’s over between you two. Don’t ever do the fading out act. After Li Siyu shed the “clinging girlfriend” tag, she was a much better person. I nodded in approval when she declared to her friends in her messy crying state that she will get a boyfriend better than Haoting before she graduates. Thank you, girl, for not being the vindictive ex who can’t let go.
HIStory 那一天 Make Our Days Count Wang Zhen Lin

I don’t think Haoting’s mom has homophobia. She just needs more time to adjust to a new reality. I trust she will come around for the love of her son and will do anything to keep her son in the family. But dad may need more convincing. Hopefully, mom’s female persuasion will make dad more pliable to accepting their son’s intelligent, driven, self-reliant boyfriend.
HIStory 那一天 Make Our Days Count

I feel sorry for Lu Zhigang that he didn’t have a strong mom to back him up and got kicked out by his family for loving who he loved. If he can’t face his own family, I don’t think he can help Sun Boxiang come out to his family and that will not bode well for their future. But if Boxiang’s cousin is any indication of Sun family attitude, there is hope for them yet. And maybe, just maybe, Boxiang & family can help Zhigang reconcile with his.
HIStory 那一天 Make Our Days Count Wilson Liu Thomas Chang

As for the full on action scenes that served absolute no purpose except fan service, I have nothing to say. (Call me an equal opportunity prude because I don’t like it in BL, GL, or BG dramas. Though I do enjoy a good tumble when it pushes the story forward. Hats off to you, TharnType The Series.)

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Make Our Days Count 那一天 Part 1

I almost skipped watching HIStory3’s Make Our Days Count (那一天) because of how the main leads looked. Xiang Haoting’s haircut is ugly as hell. He would’ve looked 100% better with no hair. His counterpart Yu Shigu is even worse. He looks so anorexic and sallow he should be in the hospital and not the school. (I know. I’m being hypercritical.) Fortunately, I got over my bias and am beginning to see their charms.
HIStory 那一天 Make Our Days Count Wayne Song Huang Juan Zhi

Besides, I have Lu Zhigang and Sun Boxiang to lean on for my cute boy fancy.
HIStory 那一天Make Our Days Count Thomas Chang Wilson Liu

But primarily, I can always rely on HIStory’s awesome friendships. Haoting and Boxiang crack me up to no end with their worrisome logic, at the same time, make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that they understand and accept their friends the way they are. Even when their friends are one screw too loose in the head.
HIStory 那一天 Make Our Days Count Wayne Song Wilson Liu

I am almost half way through the drama and I can say with positiveness that Haoting is my favorite character. He is an inconsiderate, self-centered, cocky horndog. He is also a nonjudgmental, supportive, generous free spirit. He may not have the mental capacity to foresee how his action will impact others, but he does have a healthy dose of conscience to recognize that he has caused harm and to try to atone for the wrongs he did.

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Boundary Crossing 越界

If you were to tell me that HIStory2’s Crossing Line (越界) is a live-action shonen manga adaptation, I would believe you. Even the show itself made fun of its Slam Dunk vibe. It is a fun, sport drama with sizzling chemistry between the main leads. I love the friendship, the rivalry, the romance, and the girls (bet you can’t say that for all the BL dramas).

This is officially my victory dance.
Crossing Line Fandy Fan Nick Yang
Xia Yuhao and Wang Zhenwen is my favorite BFF in this drama. Their actions are gif worthy.

Multiple gifs ahead, beware of your data plan.
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Right or Wrong 是非

Bigger production budget and longer episodes meant the stories in season 2 of HIStory were better developed (and if I dare say, had better acting.) They finally ditched the air mattress and got themselves real beds. And they ate in a real dinning room instead of a sun room. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Obsessed.) And the best of all, they broadened the stories to be more than just BL. Right or Wrong (是非) hit the ground running with a story of a little girl, her single dad, and a young man who became an integral part of their family.

HIStory2 Right or Wrong HIStory2 Shi Fei

I got into watching this show because of the little girl. She reminded me so much of myself as a kid I got goosebumps watching her. I remember the countless times when my head got buried in the crooks of my babysitters’ arms. It’s not like it’s my fault that I was the biggest third wheel in the world or that my head was so big it blocked the TV…
HIStory2: Right or Wrong Shi Fei

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Obsessed 著魔

Taiwan became the first Asian country to lift the ban on same-sex marriage in May 2017. As result, I expect there will be many BL/GL Taiwanese dramas going mainstream. BL webdrama gets a bad rap for having super cheesy, pretentious, terrible acting and/or plot that is awkward if not painful to watch. However, HISt♂ry series’ Obsessed (著魔) came highly recommended. Granted, it contains many of the pitfalls of small production and their storyline is nothing to write home about, their main characters, however, more than make up for the drama’s shortcomings with their sizzling chemistry. I can watch them all day long doing whatever-it-is-they-do-together.

HIStory Obsessed

The chemistry mostly comes from Shao Yichen trying to deny his attraction to Jiang Jinteng. Not because he is playing hard to get. Rather, he is a man on a mission to not fall in love with his ex again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
HIStory Obsessed Bernard Shen Jun Ren You Cheng

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