A Good Day 美好年代

I’m not going to lie, A Good Day (美好年代) is slow to start and the characters can be obnoxious at times. And the title should be change to “Tomboy and her four guy friends and her extraordinary bad luck with mobile phones.” But the show grew on me, and now I miss my Little BS Tigers, which consisted of tomboy Wen Xiaoquang, jock Jiang Xinyuan, contraband dealer Wu Boqi, and introvert Gu Junpeng. If I had friends like them, I would want my childhood to last forever too. Why grow up when you can have carefree crazy fun all the time? I feel you, Xiaoguang.

A Good Day A Good Day

There is a friendship called “GuangYuan.” It happens when two people form a telepathic connection after being joined at the hip since forever. They always know when the other friend needs to be told they are dumber than a doornail, and in some extreme cases, a serious butt kick.
A Good Day Bruce Hung Eugenie Liu Jiang Xin Yuan Wen Xiao Guang

With the introduction of beautiful Jiang Annie, exchange student Ji Jie, boy-crazy Bao Linlin, the Little BS Tigers say goodbye to childhood as they experience their first love, first jealousy and first heartbreak. And a painful lesson on the difference between what they think they want and what they really want.
Bruce Hung Leina Eugenie Liu Hwang In Deok

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Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 2

KO One Return (終極一班2)
In part 2 of Zhong Ji Series, we circled back to the class of KO One. Wang Da Dong was thrown ten years into the future by an inter-dimensional quake. He arrived home to discover his friends and family had mysteriously disappeared, along with everyone with special abilities. It also meant that a whole new set of students now controlled the class of KO One, which didn’t sit well with him. To make matters worse, he seemed to have lost his special abilities, which only made him more determined to find his way back to the past. He wormed his way into his old class and got to know the current leader, a girl known as King. A powerful but fair leader with her very own devoted posse, and a shocking secret that only her shadow/bodyguard/childhood friend Zhong Wan Jun remembered. As it turned out, her forgotten past was the key to solving the mysterious mass disappearance. Unfortunately, Wang Da Dong literally faded away before they could solve the mystery. While he might be gone, his friendship with the new class galvanized them to continue to seek the answer and to bring the missing people back. King and Zhong Wan Jun made the ultimate sacrifice of jumping back in time to stop the person who wiped out the special ability folks.

KO One Return KO One Return

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