Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 6

It’s official. Wei Qingyang has become one of my favorite characters in Bromance. Cool but not cold. Caring but not overbearing. Observant but not intrusive. Loyal but not territorial. I may have been smidgen bothered by his eyeliner but that is water under the bridge now. He is perfect the way he is.

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Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 5

Pi Yanuo lies about her gender. Chu Zerui maintains her lie. Du Zifeng pretends he doesn’t know they are lying. Love makes them liars. Therefore, I am so happy when Bromance finally moves toward honesty (or at least their attempt at being honest.)

Bromance Megan Lai Baron Chen

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Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 1

To celebrate the filming of KO One Remember (終極一班4), the newest installment of Zhong Ji series airing in 2016, let’s take a look back on the characters we’ve met and the places we’ve been.

Zhong Ji Universe is a fantastic world where special ability folks live among the regular folks doing extraordinary things. There are 12 parallel dimensions that exist side by side with Mojie, a dimension where evil resides. In every dimension the special ability folks are fighting the forces of evil. Some dimensions have fallen, some are making their last stand, and still some have yet to recognize the evil among them.

Zhong Ji Series

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Bromance 愛上哥們 Part 3

I am so disappointed that Bromance faked out with an imaginary sister. The pumpkin encounter could’ve gone infinitely funnier if Pi Yanuo would just admit that she likes dressing up as a woman. THAT would’ve mess up Du Zifeng real good. He will not only have to content with being in love with a man, but also the fact that he is in love with a man who likes to cross-dress as a woman. Now, that is an emotional train wreck I would love to watch.


I understand the drama needs the imaginary sister to do the “he is so blind that he can’t even see his true love in front of him” story arc. But why go the conventional route when we can explore the wild wild west of her transvestite complex. Can you imagine how much more interesting that conversation could’ve gone?

“Bro, when I rescued you from near drowning, I was dressed as a girl. And when we were in the amusement park, you saw how hot I was as the fairy sister. So when my cousin Jing asked me to dress up as a woman, I thought why the hell not? By the way, can we hold hands and walk down that beautifully decorated street with Christmas lights?” Said Yanuo.


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