KO ONE: RE-CALL 終極一班5 Part 2

The first 3 episodes of KO ONE: RE-CALL (終極一班5) ain’t so bad. They got the right level of humor, solid fighting choreography, and decent special effects (tho’ I do think they used it too liberally.)

KO ONE RE-CALL Gu Zhang Wes Luo Hong Zheng
I’m particularly psyched that Wes Luo is making his comeback after a year hiatus to convalesce from his foot fracture. I’m mighty grateful that the show wrote in his leg injury as part of the story, cuz I do not want this boy to be jumping up and down, kicking left and right, or putting any kind of pressure on his fragile leg. Please, keep him in a wheelchair for as long as possible. As such, I can forgive that most of his scenes are done in front of a green screen and/or with a stand in.
KO ONE RE-CALL Gu Zhan Zhi Ge Huang Wei Jin KO ONE RE-CALL Pets Tseng

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Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 2

KO One Return (終極一班2)
In part 2 of Zhong Ji Series, we circled back to the class of KO One. Wang Da Dong was thrown ten years into the future by an inter-dimensional quake. He arrived home to discover his friends and family had mysteriously disappeared, along with everyone with special abilities. It also meant that a whole new set of students now controlled the class of KO One, which didn’t sit well with him. To make matters worse, he seemed to have lost his special abilities, which only made him more determined to find his way back to the past. He wormed his way into his old class and got to know the current leader, a girl known as King. A powerful but fair leader with her very own devoted posse, and a shocking secret that only her shadow/bodyguard/childhood friend Zhong Wan Jun remembered. As it turned out, her forgotten past was the key to solving the mysterious mass disappearance. Unfortunately, Wang Da Dong literally faded away before they could solve the mystery. While he might be gone, his friendship with the new class galvanized them to continue to seek the answer and to bring the missing people back. King and Zhong Wan Jun made the ultimate sacrifice of jumping back in time to stop the person who wiped out the special ability folks.

KO One Return KO One Return

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