KO ONE: RE-CALL 終極一班5 Part 2

The first 3 episodes of KO ONE: RE-CALL (終極一班5) ain’t so bad. They got the right level of humor, solid fighting choreography, and decent special effects (tho’ I do think they used it too liberally.)

KO ONE RE-CALL Gu Zhang Wes Luo Hong Zheng
I’m particularly psyched that Wes Luo is making his comeback after a year hiatus to convalesce from his foot fracture. I’m mighty grateful that the show wrote in his leg injury as part of the story, cuz I do not want this boy to be jumping up and down, kicking left and right, or putting any kind of pressure on his fragile leg. Please, keep him in a wheelchair for as long as possible. As such, I can forgive that most of his scenes are done in front of a green screen and/or with a stand in.
KO ONE RE-CALL Gu Zhan Zhi Ge Huang Wei Jin KO ONE RE-CALL Pets Tseng

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KO ONE: RE-MEMBER 終極一班4 Part 2

I’m gonna add Luo Hong Zheng to my list of “Men Who Look Good As Women.” OMG, he is a natural!
KO One Re-Member

The transition between his diva persona with Gu Zhan is so smooth, it’s very eye-opening. The boy got potential.
Gu Zhan

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KO ONE: RE-MEMBER 終極一班4 Part 1

The story of KO ONE: RE-MEMBER (終極一班4) picks up where The X-Dormitory (終極X宿舍) left off. Xiu is escorting King back to the Gold dimension while Wang Da Dong remains in the Silver dimension. Zhong Wang Jun is still missing. Hua Ling Long is in the military. Yan Li Li has transferred to another school. Gu Zhan is dueling with Zhi Ge for the leadership spot. Jin Bao San has two new lackeys. What’s His Name’s hair is now blond. Qiu Qiu is the same as before. And now you are all caught up.


One of the reasons I keep coming back to the Zhong Ji series is their unapologetic attitude toward the shallowness of their shows. They unabashedly poke fun of their over the top, eye-rolling, fist banging on table absurdity. I also enjoy the occasional moments when they break the fourth wall (actually, I only like it when Na Wei Xun does it). So in RE-MEMBER, as in their proud tradition, the characters complained about the show’s overused gimmicks: The sleeping beauty routine. What’s His Name’s disappearing act. Jin Bao San’s obnoxious commentaries. And, of course, the pooping flying cow. To wrap up the self-dissing, they made fun of the cast for being so incredibly old (with average age of around 31 for a show about a group of high school students).


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Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 1

To celebrate the filming of KO One Remember (終極一班4), the newest installment of Zhong Ji series airing in 2016, let’s take a look back on the characters we’ve met and the places we’ve been.

Zhong Ji Universe is a fantastic world where special ability folks live among the regular folks doing extraordinary things. There are 12 parallel dimensions that exist side by side with Mojie, a dimension where evil resides. In every dimension the special ability folks are fighting the forces of evil. Some dimensions have fallen, some are making their last stand, and still some have yet to recognize the evil among them.

Zhong Ji Series

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