High 5 Basketball High 5 制霸青春

To think I had dismissed High 5 Basketball (High5 制霸青春) as a testosterone-fueled, egomaniac show about an underdog basketball team (filled with super tall hunks) going all the way to the finals under the leadership of a newbie female coach. Good thing I stuck to it. I might have FF through the beginning, skip some in the middle, but I was glued to the screen from episode 9 onward. I laughed. I cried. I was so proud of them at the end, I laugh cried. I was a mess.

High 5 Basketball Wes Luo Hong Zhen Simon Lian Chen Xiang

This show tells me that, sometimes, the journey is more important than the destination. It is not weakness to accept help, nor is it ungrateful to ask for space. Knowing when to praise is just as crucial as knowing when to take out the whip. It is okay to cry, so long as we are surrounded by people who don’t judge us. Respect is what makes the world go round. And finally, it is certainly not wrong to have realistic expectation of our abilities, but nonetheless, try to better ourselves every single day.

High 5 Basketball

The love lines are very satisfying in a non-intrusive way. We are really there for the bonding moments.
Wes Luo Cheng Yu Xi High 5 High 5 Basketball Janet Hsieh Johnny Lu High 5 Comso Lin Simon High 5

I am so loving the show’s ending theme song: Janice Yan’s “The Gaze” (閻奕格 – 凝視).

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Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 3

In part 3 of Zhong Ji Series, the good folks from different dimensions got fed up with Mojie’s attacks and decided to take the fight to the big evil’s home world. Their best fighters packed up their bags and left for war. And… never to be heard from again. As for the people who stayed behind, they were trapped in a time bubble with their abilities greatly diminished and their aging slowed.

Zhong Ji Series

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