The Disguiser 伪装者

The Disguiser (伪装者) is about youngest brother of a prominent Shanghai family getting recruited by Kuomintang Secret Services to sabotage Japanese-controlled Chinese government which he thought his elder brothers work for. Unbeknownst to him, his brothers are actually undercover agents for the same Kuomintang Secret Services AND double agents for the Communists who has been trying to recruit him by actively putting him through hell every chance they get. Lest not forget their big sister, a legitimate businesswoman and an underground communist sympathizer, whose handler is the youngest brother’s biological father who serves under her oldest younger brother and takes orders indirectly from her 2nd oldest younger brother.

I kid you not. The show is just that confusing. If y’all need to sit down for this, I’ll understand.

The DisguiserThe Disguiser

Regular person may experience anxiety and confusion with leading a double life. Trained spy may find exploiting their family and friends somewhat distasteful. Not Ming Lou, who is a chameleon of a man with a mind like Mycroft Holmes, moves like James Bond, demeanor like Zhuge Liang, and connections like Olivia Pope.

Jin Dong

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