Bu Liang Ren 画江湖之不良人

Bu Liang Ren (画江湖之不良人) is a wuxia dramedy about three not-so-secret organizations fighting for a sword that supposedly leads to the fallen Tang Dynasty’s hidden treasure. Caught in the middle is a pair of martial art brother and sister whose master, so happens, is a member of Bu Liang Ren, a disbanded police agency that safeguards the sword for the Tang Emperor. When their master suddenly vanishes, the organizations switch their attention onto them. While one group hunts them like dogs, other groups send their most charming and good-looking agents to seduce the apprentices.

Bu Liang Ren Zheng Ye Cheng

3D animation of human beings terrifies me so I have never watched the original anime. With that said, I am glad I didn’t miss the live action version of the show. It is hilarious! Once I got past the awkward first 2 episodes, in which I rolled my eyes at their skimpy cosplay costumes, super obvious hair pieces, inconsistent action sequences, I grew quite fond of all the characters including the villains.

There is one scene that makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times I re-watched it: One of the agents sent to seduce the apprentices is an indiscriminate flirt when he is blind drunk. This time, instead of cozying up with our pretty martial art sister and getting touchy feely with her, he is accosted by a pair of sisters called “Hottie” and “Beauty” who find his drunk antics mighty pleasing.

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